Ocala, Florida

My name is William Lee, I am an Asst Manager at Lowes in Ocala Fl. I have a customer who has an issue with his laminate floor, which he installed, and is wanting a call from the claims department.

I have faxed over his information twice, at the claims departments request. He has still not been contacted and is very upset. His contact number is 352-361-1301 (Mobile) and home number is 352-861- 2362.

Please have someone contact him concerning his issue. Customer has been patiently waiting for a lengthy period of time and does not understand why he cant receive a call from customer service...

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Manager.

Monetary Loss: $2000.

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You're not very bright, are you? You don't post someone's personal info on the internet. I work for Lowe's, and I can tell you that is grounds for termination.

First Born Triplet
to Anonymous #852625

Well hopefully he has permission to post the customer's phone number, if so he will be okay, if not he is screwed because not only can it be grounds for termination as you say, but the customer whose phone number he posted can also sue him.

Indian Shores, Florida, United States #849562

I called this poor customer at his house, 8/1/14. I am not affiliated with Lowes.

Anyway, he is aware and dealing with this post.

I'm typing this, so he doesn't get bombarded with calls from other concerned persons. I will now report this as "abuse," with the hopes that it's removed.

First Born Triplet
to mb #852626

Let's all prank call him. :D

Farmingdale, New York, United States #848512

Looks like someone is just trying to get this guy fired. Can he really be this dumb? lol

First Born Triplet
to nobillyno Toronto, Ontario, Canada #852627

Of course this could be someone trying to get fired using William Lee's name as you claim. William is an assistant manager, perhaps one of the employees he disciplined,


You're fired!


William Lee you're not very smart Asst Manager. This is a public forum and is not associted with Lowes in any fashion. Matter of fact I would fire based on the fact how stoopid you are to assume this is a Lowes customer service forum.

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