We are remodling our house, my granddaughter took me to Lowes to pick up some supplies for our contractor. I had fallen the night before and injured my back, I could barely walk.

We were at the Lowes in Ardmore, Oklahoma. First of all we could never find an associate to help us and we had problems finding anyone to page an associate. We started in the tile section, I need to purchase ceramic tile and we couldn't find anyone to help us. I walked, very slowly I might add, to the front and up and down the front portion of that section trying to see someone down one of the isles. I finally found a man in plumbing and he paged the associate for tile. She was rude and acted as if we had really put her out and treated us like we were totally ***.

We then went to get wood trim and we couldn't find what we needed. Again, no associates anywhere in site. I walked from the back of the store to the front to the register and explained to the girl I was in a lot of pain and we needed some assistance in the wood trim and would she please someone to help us. I went back to the trim section and no one ever came, she didn't do a page either. Finally a gentleman shopper came by and helped us.

We had to buy glue for hard wood flooring, they told my granddaughter, at this point I couldn't do anymore unnecessary walking, we didn't need glue but they did point her to the section where the glue was located. She found someone in that department who told her "the glue is right there, you can get what you need", no help offered, well, we got the wrong glue!!!!!!!!

When we got to the register there was only one person in font of us and it was taking forever, I asked the second person standing in the cashier cage if it would be faster if I just walked to the front and got checked out, we were in the lumber section with only one cashier working. She said no they were just waiting for an override. Again it took a long time and I started to turn the cart around and leave and she told me the woman had to go get more money and she should be gone too long, no apology. I told her how rude everyone had been and my granddaughter told her they wouldn't need to worry about her business, she would pay more money somewhere else rather than be treated as we had been treated. Finally we were checked out, we had heavy ceramic tile, 7 foot long trim and other items that were heavy. I said is there any chance I could get someone to, at tht time the cashier came out of her cage to go on break or something and the three men working in the area just disapppeared. I said very loud, well never mind I haven't had any help from anyone in this store yet!

My granddaughter loaded the merchandise and we left. Had we no had to have the material right then we would have waited until Monday and gone to a local lumber yard but out lumber yards in this area close at noon on Sat and are not open on Sunday.

I worked at Lowes in Lewisville Texas and more than once I apologized to a customer for someone else or for not having what they wanted. An apology from an associate can go a long ways but I would never reccomend the Lowes in Ardmore Oklahoma

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Cashier.

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