Maryville, Tennessee

I purchased new washer and dryer 8 days ago. When I called customer service was told that I only had 7 days to exchange or return my product.

I told the service rep that it was not working it took me 3.5hrs to wash a load. The service rep told me that there was nothing she could help me with that I would need to talk with the store manager about the issue. When asking about warranty on product.

I was then yelled at "LIKE I TOLD YOU I CAN NOT HELP YOU YOU NEED TO CALL STORE". Thanks Lowes for your wonderful customer service you have just lost a customer.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Manager.

Monetary Loss: $600.

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this message is for Lowe's customer service

I was attempting to apply for your credit card. However, when it came to the SSI number. It would not allow to put in my entire number and I got an error message, You need to fix this problem on your end


r. Parker


or perhaps you could send me an application and I send it back to you

my name and addres are noted below

thank you

ronald parker

303 maple street

corbin, ky 40701



Actually Lowes has a 30 day money back policy on almost all products. All you have to do it tell them you know of this policy and if theystill refuse to exchange or refund the product or money, just call their customer complaint line.

Ask any manager or specialist for it and they will give it to you. I was a manager for Lowes for 3 years before getting put on final notice for selling a display range to a lady and having to *** for my son being in the hospital.

Said I should have been @ work, even though I called in way before the required 2hr. B4 shift and used sick time to take him.


Sounds weird. What customer service line did you call??

That product is under manufactor warranty.

Easy fix. Lowe's does a good job with those type of issues.