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I am very unhappy with Lowe's right now. Last week I ordered a new grill over the phone.

That phone call went excellently and I thought great, this is easy! I wanted to get the sale price so ordered over the phone, but wanted to pick it up next week which is now today. So I drive over there to pick it up, traffic is horrible, get there and guess what, they can't find my order. I wait around customer service with about 5 people standing behind the customer service desk but I guess they were all on break because no one helped me until one lady finally did.

So the one lady can't find my order and doesn't have any idea what to tell me. I go to the grilling section and can not find a single person to help me either. I go back home and repeat the process, look up the Lowe's online, thinking maybe I made a mistake and ordered from a different Lowes. When I get through, the guy pulls up my order right away, same store, and says well there does seem to be some kind of error in the system.

I have now been on hold for over 6 min waiting for him to round up more help. I hope they find the grill I ordered because I need to pick it up today. It is a gift for someone from a group of people and I promised to pick it up.

I'll have to drive back but at this point if they have it I will be happy. We do have other options Lowes but at the moment I am boycotting Home Depot because of their political involvement in social issues.

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sounds like u live in missouri?