As I was shopping for garage floor paint I asked Curtis to mix only half the gallon and the other half with a different color. I offered to buy a separate container so it can be done. He refused completely and he mentioned that he is been doing that for years when I asked for a manager he refused to call for one. When I insisted on a manager he said "kiss my A" (well he said the whole word) Lynn his co-worker witnessed this conversation and he ran asking for a manager "David"When David came I was trying to tell what happen, Curtis yelled I'm lying and come around the counter to face me repeating the same sentence again "kiss my A" yes he said the whole word again. He faced me in a manner to attack for a fight. David too him aside and he said you have to go from here now. Lynn was able to do the color mixing without any problems.

Sam Elgendy, Pharm. D.

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Why didn't you just select a paint color from the 1,000 swatches in the paint department similar or exactly the color you needed?? Really doesn't make much sense and this would of been the least difficult way around your problem. I'm sorry, there is only one "A" in this situation and that's you.


Not believable at all unless you're leaving out a major part of the story. Like the part about you being aggressive and causing them to become hostile. Again not believable Lynn wouldn't have done any of the mixing if her manager said NOT TOO.

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