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Update by user Mar 15, 2013

My Grammar was bad,I was pissed,and in a hurry.I Had just returned home from this fiasco.Never mind grammar.Just stick to the issue.Lowes has a terrible hr system!Thanks Union Brother!

Update by user Mar 14, 2013

Just so you people know.i already got hired at home depot last week.start my first day of orientation this sat 3/16/2013.i wanted to test my pay options.i am so happy i did.The Home Depot Hr people were so much more professional.There is a one on one contact in interviews.TWO PEOPLE IN OFFICE YOU & INTERVIEWER!!Not this meat market lets get them thru the process so we get some numbers approach.Young people TRY Home Depot.It was good for me.Thanks Wishbone joe

Original review posted by user Mar 14, 2013

Very Poor Human Resource practices.As i waited for my first interview,a young man who just came out of the office i was about to go in, went to what i saw as his second interview.The problem was he(2nd interviewer) was grilling him with questions in front of all the rest of us (8 in all).In one big wide open room with 2 lowes employees on computers.I was just there for seasonal work,as i am 59 and retired.But for all the young peolple to put up with this was very unprofessional.Then when i got in there they started asking me all these off the wall ????s.This was Bull----!!!I was in a union fo 30 years .this is why they have unions.I wanted to expressed this to them ,but i just bit my tongue & said i was not interested in working there.Sorry youg people.i have a 19,20,22 year old .Thes people who get these jobs in HR eiher are ---holes or the forgot when they were interviewing for employment>or they come from a silver spoon.

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Terrible practice!

Johnstown, Pennsylvania, United States #623651

Union crybaby? If you ever worked in a Union shop, you would know what he talking about.

Yes his grammar was terrible, but I am sure he was pissed off. Joe Lowes and Heartless, you get what you deserve and Lowes is it!


Figures, another union crybaby who has no concept of the real world.


For being 59, your spelling and grammar are horrible! Nothing in your complaint is a coherent argument.

It's not understandable at all. I wouldn't hire you.

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