Belle Vernon, Pennsylvania

every time i've gone into lowes in belle vernon pa. it has been hard to get help from the staff ,either there is no one around to ask question,they are not very knowledgable, or just don't want to be bothered.

the employees are not very engaged.i don't know if it's because i am a women but they really don't want to take the time and any questions i've ask they have given me the shortest answer they can.i have started going to home depot even though it is further from my house.

this is not a one time experience that i have had at the particular store. maybe they should get some lessons in customer sevice from home depot.

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I have Had trouble with the service people cancelling service appointments.


Try calling them they will put you on hold for 30 minutes and then hang up on you,


Lady, if you knew the *** employees went through in the past two years, the money and perks that were taken from them, you'd be pissed to. Don't play the female card.

I worked at Lowes, training is limited, not every employee knows every department and which aisle it's located on. They are short staffed. And it's not just your store. I meet people on a weekly basis that hate their job, but they need that job.

The girl that works the register at my nearby pharmacy is a *** but I don't stop shopping there, she probably hates her job but needs to put food on the table.

So suck it up. Find *** yourself, or take the one word answers and run with it, or actual walk your lazy self up front to request assistance, better yet, push the dozens of assistant buttons throughout Lowes.

to Anonymous #690909

You are very SMART! I wish everyone looked at it this way.

Johnstown, Pennsylvania, United States #688493

"Marty", I would not shop your store since your "values" have been put forth with great arrogance. Please tell us where you work so we may avoid the company who employs you.

As for any box store retailer, they are all the same, low pay, a company who only cares about themselves and low work ethics. Another Union hater.

just what the world needs.


Home Depot is no better I can assure you. I work for a competitor of both Lowes and Home Depot; the hiring process is interesting for us to say the least.

We hire base off inexperience and how easily we can influence you. We also pay you less because of this and you won't question it. We also will not hire anyone who has ever been in a union.

It drives me nuts when people come in to our stores and think we are experts because we are not. The average worker for us is a recent high school graduate or college student who has no experience with remodeling or doing lawn care AND WE WANT IT THIS WAY.

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