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Have other people been having getting good customer service at Lowes stores? It seems to me that they are hiring a bunch of young kids that don't seem to have any knowledge of the products or services and they seem to relied on their Iphone quite a lot.

They need people that can answer your questions and not try to BS to customer.

It seems that Lowes is taking real big steps backwards and they just can't see it happening. If you need help on building a deck they want to show you or watch a video on the Iphone, well that doesn't help if I have a question on that project and the sales person can't answer it.

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Maybe you dont watch the are working in more and more stores as part time jobs replace full time jobs. Sad to say that adults just can feed a family on a part time unemployment becomes more of an attractive incentive.....Now with Obama care.....more and more companies are switching their jobs to part time to avoid the mandatory coverage......As a country we are shooting our self in the will get worse not better


Yes, I agree with you. Here in Morgantown, WV they have young girls in the install sales department.

One got smart me on the phone last year over an install. She wanted me to cancel the install for my fence. I almost did, out of disgust with her attitude, then I went to management and had it installed. Now, this year I wanted to have another part of my yard fenced and went to Lowes.

The salesman that came out to my house was super nice. So, I thought, everything would be fine. I purchased the materials in April and they were delivered. Here it is middle of September, and they have not installed my fence.

I made a request for it not to be done while it was raining hard and to give the cement a day to set up when they install posts. Originally, the installer was in contact with me and things were fine. When install sales found out I was communicating with the installer, he never contacted me again and my fence is not installed. I've called corporate office to no avail.

Lowes called me and wanted someone to install it who was not the original installer. I told them I wanted the original installer because that was my deciding point when the salesman was at my house raving about how great this installer is. Also, I had a 18 month no interest coupon and it was put in as 5% at the register, and I was told that "they will give you both." Well, I have since found out that is not the case and am told that I can only, maybe, get the 12 month no interest after the fence is installed and they remove the 5% discount. I feel like I am being treated badly by install sales, Cecelia, because of the previous incident and am being given the run around.

In the meantime, the cement is on my back patio, covered, by us, but some has already gotten wet. Also, this is a wooden fence and we have covered most of the wood, but larger posts are exposed.

What can I do?


joke about the iphones you may enjoy:

Lowe's was ATT's biggest iphone sale ever... now we're about to be their biggest return ever!!

If you have trouble getting a question answered in lowe's you can often get good help at 1-800-44LOWE'S. Unfortunately, kids are basically the job market these days at the pay rate that stores can offer. Blame the 1%.