Teaneck, New Jersey

After spending $1200 at Lowes Rockaway. They made me wait 25 minutes for a propane tank.

Not only were the employees nasty but no one was willing to help. Julia was the person in charge of propane and didn't want to go outside cause it was raining. This happened on 12-29-13. It's unfortunate that I even stepped foot in Lowes today I have to tell you I don't have any issue at Home Depot.

I didn't even get an I'm sorry.

Nasty individuals working in your store. My name is Giovanni Campo and I can be reached at 3475820240 if you need further info.

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So let me get this straight you need fresh propane for a grill in the middle of winter. Were you having Santa over for an after Christmas cookout.

In general if it's *** pouring rain I can't blame an associate for not wanting to get soaked to the bone.

Quit telling people how much you spent because they don't care. I *** think it's leverage you are fooling yourself.

Dallas, Texas, United States #809522

why did you need to grill on a rainy day

Overland Park, Kansas, United States #765293

Sounds like typical big business ethics in todays modern world. Give us your money *** and get out.

What you get is what you get. We got your money now move along.

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