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I just left your Lowes store in Murphy, North Carolina. I waited in line to get in the store and had an order in excess of $200.00.

When I arrived at the check out I was informed that the Murphy Store could only accept cash or checks. Really? Checks are rarely used any more and cash has been non existent due to the COVID 19 opportunity. I was able to find all the tools and items required for my project on Amazon which will be delivered by Tuesday, April 21, 2020.

For the reduction in price and improvement in tool quality I can wait until Tuesday. With all the inconvenience currently in progress. Your business is being continually damaged by not being able to serve your customer in a timely manner. I have the utmost sympathy for your local employees as they depend on your IT systems to keep business flowing.

How sad it is that a corporation the size of Lowes can support their employees or their customer during these challenging time. The retail giants will continue to fall to Amazon and other on line supplier simply because the customer can not get service.

User's recommendation: Shop Amazon and you will find customer service!

Preferred solution: Just fix your customer service and support.

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Unfortunately credit card lines go down from time to time and this can happen at any store. Cash or checks is all they can take till the Iines are up again.


have you never seen a credit card swipe unit, oh wait that's probably before your time..


Are you talking about the unit that can be attached to a cell phone? If so, how many businesses do you see operating with cell phones?

Sure, there will be employees in the store carrying them but most big box stores will have dedicated credit card lines for security reasons. I'd much rather trust a secured line than an attachment on someones cell phone.


Ok boomer...

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