Tinley Park, Illinois
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I've been waiting for a product for over a month. Lowe's made three changes to the delivery date and it still hasn't arrived.

They have also charged me for the product and I still don't have it. Spent an inordinate amount of the time with Lowe's customer care and they were no help. They are good at apologizing but never seem to get anything accomplished for the customer. Quite possibly the worst customer service ever.

They then tried to buy my peace and told them I would rather let other people know how they treat people.

Don't shop at Lowe's.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Delivery Service.

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Well, I had the same problem with a product that I bought online, it looks like Lowes don't have reliable suppliers, therefore ther are as bad as the suppliers...never had one single good experience at Lowes, normally employees at the store are rude, so I don't go anymore, tried to buy online and almost over a month they keep coming with excuses about shipping problems,,,but they were promptly on charging me at the same day I bought...lets see how long it will take now to get my refund...



"they have also charged me for the product and I still don't have it"...if you didn't pay, how did you expect them to order it???


As a consumer you need to understand that most retail stores do not manufacturer the products they sell. They buy them from a vendor who gives the an estimated time for shipping.

When you order a product that is not stocked the retailer tells you to expect the product to come in in the amount of time their supplier told them. It may be that their supplier was out of stock and gave Lowes a new expected delivery date, which they forwarded on to you. When they realized the couldn't meet that date either they gave Lowes a new delivery date which again was given to you. Unfortunately they don't have any controls over the delays.

If it get's too long, ask for a refund. As long as the product hasn't shipped yet they should be willing to give you a refund. I don't see that Lowes has done anything wrong. They have kept you informed of the delays.

Customer care can't make the product for you.

If you go to a competitor and order the same product from the same manufacturer you will have the same delays. Don't blame Lowes, blame their supplier.