Missouri Valley, Iowa
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Can anyone tell me why the customer service at the Washington, MO Lowes is handled by only 3 or 4 people while there are about a dozen floating around the store. I am appalled by the way everyone actually runs away when you make eye contact or attempt to ask a question.

After I have spent at least one day a week in this store for the last two years I have decided I would rather drive 40 miles to Menards than drive 6 miles to Lowes. Thank you to the three employees I typically deal with, I am very happy with the service they provide when they are actually there.

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lowes of Madison/Mayodan and Reidsville NC s...u...c..k...s..! there will be Lowes vested minion's running around everywhere and they totally ignore the customer.

If you ask a ? they look at you as if you have 3 eyes and just exited a spacecraft.If you insist,they will point out where you might find what u r looking 4 but offer no other help.What are they paying these jacklegs 4?.Hopefully, Lowes will go the way of k mart and others that have forgotten the ONLY reason for their existence.....THE CUSTOMER!!!!