Medford, New Jersey

Had to wait a week for a tech to fix the same problem again for the forth time. Was call the ay of the apointment that the tech would be a no-show.

We had dirty clothes waiting to wash and then was told that the ext avail appt was for the following week. Will not be able to get any help to get fixed!!! My daughter is here on vacation and has been waiting all day and my husband and i are planning to go on vacation with her and we are trying to get laundry done befor we leave.

CS reps where very rude and did not even care about following up with servicing a $2K washer machine!!!! I really am upset that Lowes thinks this is acceptable!

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Life is too short to complain. You get what you paid for. If you don't purchase an Extended warrenty, then you are at the mercy of the manufactor. So that means if you need service with in the first year you will have to got through them.

Like any company Lowes is selling a product producted by someone else.....and the manufacotr are the ones who warrenty. Why is that so hard for people to understand?

When something breaks down. People think that this a personal attach on them.

When you car breaks down what do you do? Take it in to the shop and get it fixed. And you move on.

Your appliance breaks you don't bring it in you get service in your home.

Lowes offers the extended warrenty due to the fact that the manufactors warrenty doesn't cover as much as these do. Belive what you want read the fine print.

So if you want to complain, and obvoiously you do, then hit the manufactor. Refuse to buy that line and put the blame where it lies.

Try to have your snow blower break down in the middle of winter. Record snow fall and at christmas time. Taking it to a repair place that is swamped with repairs and trying to also send their employees home for holidays so is short staffed.

So being the responsible person we should all be: You make alternative arragements to have your snow removed, until it fixed. Do you blame the place that sold it to you....well that would be a no, but I have a feeling that you would say YES because using a product and NEVER expecting it to break is the perfect world you live in. :cry :cry


When you purchased the washer the salesman offered "EPP" extended protection plan...which evidently you refused.Extended protection plans cover anywhere from 2-5 years on purchases ..however most of the time people refuse to purchase those which caters to express needs such as yours.


what are you talking about?...There are NO

service people who work for Lowes...These are independant service companies who are

certified by the manufacturer...You have to

contact the manufacturer customer service

number...This is true of Home Depot, Menards and Best Buy also.


Talk about it @



wow I am having the same problem.. lesson learned never buy from Lowes again it's not the product I'm mad about it's the way they work with the extended warranty customer..they just don't care once you buy the product you are just a number to them... :(