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  • (800) 445-6937

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Customer Service:

  • (404) 658-8650
    Atlanta, Georgia
  • (410) 869-3140
    Baltimore, Maryland
  • (718) 758-2910
    Brooklyn, New York
  • (773) 952-5000
    Chicago, Illinois
  • (352) 242-6960
    Clermont, Florida
  • (214) 259-0021
    Dallas, Texas
  • (702) 258-4136
    Las Vegas, Neveda
  • (866) 537-1397
    Lowes Business Rewards
  • (434) 239-7600
    Lynchburg, Virginia
  • (508) 282-4016
    Milford, Massachusetts
  • (704) 313-1818
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  • (844) 569-4776
    Pro Desk
  • (650) 616-7800
    San Bruno, California
  • (209) 536-6400
    Sonora, California
  • (800) 508-2520
  • (512) 846-1620
  • (888) 516-1010


  • (866) 232-7443
    Lowes Accounts Receivable

Central Production Office:

  • (877) 505-4923


  • (800) 813-7613


  • (704) 758-2921
    DMCA Notices


  • (704) 758-2917

Protection Plans:

  • (888) 775-6937


  • (877) 465-6937

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Lowes Customer Service Overview

The aggregated data is based on calls made from PissedConsumer.com website and questionnaires provided by PissedConsumer.com users.

  • Lowes Customer Service is rated at 1.4 out of 5. Consumers who contact the company are mostly dissatisfied. More commonly used way of contact is by phone.

    Source Distribution
    68% phone 32% email
  • The best phone number to call Lowes is 8004456937. 84% of consumers used this number to address their issues and concerns. It is also considered the best number to call, as 76% of customers reported contacting a real person successfully.

  • The average hold time is more than 10 min. The longest wait times are on Monday, while the shortest are on Sunday. The average call time is 6 minutes.

  • Be prepared for the call as Lowes may ask you for the following information to identify you as a customer: first and last name, phone number or email.

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How to Contact Lowes Customer Service?

Most Popular Number:

(800) 445-6937
Total calls: 6 323 Issues resolved: 223 Last call: Jul 12, 2024

The Lowe's customer service working hours are from Monday to Saturday, starting at 8:30 am and ending at 7:00 pm ET. They are also available on Sundays during the same working hours, from 8:30 am to 7:00 pm ET. During these times, you can reach out to Lowe's customer service team for assistance, inquiries, product information, order support, returns, or any other related concerns

To contact Lowe's customer care via email, you can send your inquiry or concern to the designated email address customercare@lowes.com. Make sure to include your full name, contact details, and provide a clear and detailed description of your issue or query. Lowe’s customer care team will carefully review your email and promptly respond with the necessary assistance or information you need.

There is no live chat available but you can contact Lowe's customer service by either calling their customer service phone number or writing an email. If you require immediate help, the best course of action is to call Lowe's customer service directly. If you choose to contact them via email, response times will vary, but rest assured they will get back to you as soon as they can.

Lowes customer service number is 1-800-445-6937. By calling this number, you can directly reach Lowe's customer service team to seek assistance, ask questions, or address any concerns you may have. Lowes customer care is available throughout the week from 8:30 am to 7:00 pm ET.

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Contact Information

Lowes Website:

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Corporate Office Address:

Lowes Companies, Inc.
1000 Lowe’s Boulevard
Mooresville, North Carolina 28117
United States

Other Info (opening hours):


Monday - Sunday: 8:30am - 7:00pm

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Lowes Customer Service Reviews

1.4 / 5
Ramya R Knd

On April 16 2024 I placed the order for the countertop and backsplash through the store representative - Caron Pieters. She had given me an estimate of $3861.00 for the counter ( 45 sq foot) and 1964.40 for the backsplash (paid minimum 25sq ft, though it is 19sq ft)) see attached contract.

She mentioned that the sink cutout, eased edge, were all included in the price. The deposits were paid that day. I called Installation Made Easy (IME) for the appointment 877 477 ****.
The measurement appointment was initially scheduled for April 20 by your 3rd party provider Stone systems (SS). Im a physician in the hospital, I did not receive a call the morning of for an update as IME mentioned would happen.

I had taken a day off work, rescheduled all my patients t I called in the morning to confirm and was told that the person called in sick and they would have to reschedule, they had not reached out to me. It was rescheduled. Alex from stone systems came to measure it. He had told me that we would need two seams placed based on the elevator width.

His square footage measurements were less than 45 sq feet for the counter top. I received an update work order from Lowes/IME May 1st 2024 with a cost of 7,072$ for 79 sq feet instead of 70 sq feet , in addition there were charges that I was not told about. A $1,247 price difference.
I called IME for an explanation of the price difference and they were not able to provide me with the information adn told me to contact SS. SS informed me that they do not have the pricing information and asked me to call Lowes/IME again.
This continued, for 3 rounds of phone calls with ME telling me they can not give me pricing information without speaking with SS.

I waited a few days and when I did not hear back, called again I had to speak with 3 agents at SS, On MAY 1st 2024 Elobie James
ejames@***e-systems.com -told me I would be paying for all the wasted material as well, because of where the seams were placed. This process took over one week with me having to spearhead the entire process.
I then asked how the cost could be lowered, Stone systems told me they needed to speak with their technician. I asked Lowes for a follow up as well. I did not hear back from Stone systems and called again.

Once again, a three-way communication was initiated by me between IME and Stone systems. After reviewing all the data I made the decision to proceed with the initial 2 seams. I called Lowes /IME and paid for the order. I called Stone systems and stated I finalized 2 seams, I also contacted the installer Alex via text and told him that I would be proceeding with the counter.

with 2 seams and received an affirmative response that it was noted.
1. YOur in store rep did not tell me that we were responsible for paying for extra material, and a > 1 K difference in price is extensive. Had she done that we would have gone with another provider since the cost was less when we price shopped.
2. The sq footage difference and price did not match, and there were extra charges of unclear etiology - 3 reps at IME/Lowes were not able to tell me what those charges were.

It took me, the consumer, to make multiple phone calls between your online IME department and SS a 3rd party you use to determine the cost change.
3. May 1st I had to make a conference call with your vendors to determine why the price of my counter was increased and what the charges were.
4. We have now had to extend our lease n the apmt again
Coordinating your 3rd party vendors is completely inappropriate for a customer to have to do. Also your IME service did not call, provide updates or even know the reasons for the price increase.

The inability of your vendors- IME and SS- to coordinate created a 2 week delay
I scheduled the date of installation as May 20. on May 20, your installers arrived. While they were starting to install the counter, I noticed that the countertop had 3 seams instead of the 2 seams that I had purchased. I asked to see the diagram (photos attached,) and noted that the diagram had 2 seams.

I had to call Lowes, who then transferred me to Stone systems. I spoke with the manager at Stone systems Drew. He stated that they had made an error in cutting the stone. He told me that I can send the material back and he would let me know by the end of day if material is available and when the new countertop with two scenes can be installed.
I did not hear from him by the end of the day on May 20.

May 21 I called IME. I told them my issues with the countertop. They said they would discuss w Stone systems and get back to me. I did not hear from either of your vendors.

May 23 I called Lowes IME again. They were not able to provide any information. I asked to speak to a supervisor. I spoke with Tiffany, who told me that the issue would be resolved and that customer care solutions would handle it.

During this process, I made multiple phone calls. You can see the notes from your system, none of the representatives were able to give me any information, they told me that the countertops since it had not been installed, was not under their jurisdiction, when asked to speak to a supervisor it is transferred to a voicemail where I left multiple messages and received zero callbacks.
May 23 I called Drew from Stone systems again. At that time, he told me that "he has 50 jobs, and these errors occur" I asked if there was material and I would hold while he obtains the information. He said all the material is available.

He sent me three photos. I told him they were not clear and I was unable to determine the design. He then told me that making the design cohesive would cost extra. I told him I would speak with Lowes since this is not part of the process.

Your IME department was not able to help again. I spoke to a supervisor Irene and Tiffany.
May 24 I called and left messages to IME for follow up
Eventually after multiple calls, I was transferred to named Melissa who said she would call Drew and let me know by the end of the day. She did not call back. I texted Drew Ive not heard back.

I escalated this to Lowes corporate.
May 28 after texts, phone calls Tiffany who said she would let me know about the update and back to Melissa who still did not have an update. I have attempted to call regional offices,have tried means of escalating this and now emailing you. I will post on social media since I have no other means to speak with anyone who will assume responsibility for these egregious errors
This is poor customer service. The lack of knowledge of your vendors, their inability to troubleshoot and facilitate a project, the lack of customer support, makes recommending Lowes for any kitchen renovation impossible.

You should value the importance of timely communication and delivering work that has been paid for.
I await your response, thanks.
877 477 ****. INstallation made easy /Lowe's
973 264 **** Stone sytems
973 251 **** Drew SS
973 251 **** Alex SS
lowes corporate 877 465 **** x2 installation made easy support team
888 516 **** X 3
877 505 **** Lowes Instal
customer service manager - melissa /ari x 7338
After all this and speaking with a horrible 3rd party vendor LOWES reimbursing me 250 dollars for 7000K countertop

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Laikyn Tng
The Worst Customer Service
stars-rating stars-rating stars-rating stars-rating stars-rating

Do not use Lowe's for installation. Working with them to install windows & doors on my house has been a massive letdown.

We paid in full ($31k) for this routine project in October 2022. We're going on our 16th month, my project is still not complete, and what has been completed is covered mistakes that still need to be fixed. Lowe's hires substandard contractors who make careless & ridiculous mistakes (broken items, incorrect orders, incorrect measurements, and we even had to call child protective services on the first installer). Their in-store employees lose measurements, call the wrong contractors, and generally have no idea what's going on.

"Lowe's Installation Support" is an entirely separate entity run like a call center designed to make you hang up; they do not effectively communicate with stores or contractors, let alone customers. Over the last 16 months, I've spoken to a large number of Install Support employees, all of whom continually ignore my directives, lie about taking notes, take incorrect notes, and have zero awareness of the status of my project (which is literally their job). I even lost a month trying to contact our first sales rep, because he left the company and no one told us, let alone picked up our project. I have put in more hours dealing with rampant unprofessionalism, than the amount of time it takes to do the actual work I hired Lowe's to complete.

This has truly been the worst customer service I have ever experienced, by a vast margin. I do not recommend using Lowe's for installation.
UPDATE 1-22-24: I called the number given by Lowe's as a response to this review. It is the same ineffective customer service number I have called countless times. Once again, I spent almost 2 hours on the phone, grappling with employees attempting to push this aside, until I made it to an Operations Manager, who is allegedly passing this issue up the chain.
UPDATE: 6-6-24
After TWENTY months of the worst customer experience I've ever heard of, Lowe's provided a measly compensation, and zero explanation.

If any one else is fighting this, here's the pecking order: installation support > install support manager > regional installation support > regional manager > executive customer service. Be warned: NONE of these people could provide insurance and liscense information for the contractors, so I don't even know is Lowe's hired qualified people. "Executive customer service" will not allow any further escalation, nor can they provide any information about my project; they exist to stonewall customers into accepting low-ball compensation offers, unless you can afford a lawyer for arbitration. The contractors got $10,000, and despite spending more hours on this project than them, I only got offers from Lowe's: $2,400 and then a $3,000 final offer.

Which I was essentially forced to accept. They have the resources and deniability to wear you down, and they do it with scripted dialogue, legal chicanery, and a smile on their face.

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Nancy G Iwf
Made an online order years ago, lost my password and now they claim they cannot stop my order!!! So I guess for the rest of my life I’ll be receiving a furnace filter that does not fit
stars-rating stars-rating stars-rating stars-rating stars-rating

Poor customer service, unable to stop a reaccuring order. Made a purchase years ago and lost password now I get a furnace filter ($39.) every 4 months fir the rest of my life!!!

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William S Bns
Poor customer service
stars-rating stars-rating stars-rating stars-rating stars-rating

Went to the Orangeburg s.c. Location to buy some materials.

One of the items were two 6x6x16 beams a heavy awkward item for one person to handle. I asked the worker on duty at the time for some help to which he responded it is not his responsibility if the customer can reach it safely. After persuading him and receiving help sorting through the 5 beams that were not good and getting 2 that I could use he ask if I was going to help him to return the others to their original place. After returning the beams and checking out it took much more effort to get someone to assist loading the beams onto my trailer.

The same guy offered minimal assistance and made his distaste for helping customers well known. This location is notorious for poor customer service!

What kind of company would have any sort of policy that minimizes the level of assistance customers receive from employees? Will not recommend this location to others and will go out of my way to get materials elsewhere from now on.

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How Good is Lowes's Customer Service?

Terry A Bxy
Terry A Bxy
Feels Disappointed | Mar 19, 2024


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Tamatha Ygg
Tamatha Ygg
Feels Disappointed | Jan 10, 2024

It started at the store when I found out that when I purchased items with gift cards I wasn't able to get 5% discount that I've earned by being a pro customer. They didn't ever say it was a corporate company policy. They just said I don't get the 5% . So I paid my bill in full approx. 1200.00 left them my card and I'm now a home depot customer 5 MI. Closer to my home . The sad news was no one cared that they lost a long time customer . This includes the so called manager at I-17 and Thunderbird in phx Az . If he keeps this up I'm guessing he won't have a store to manage.

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Jennie P Tkm
Jennie P Tkm
Feels Disappointed | Dec 13, 2023


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Wendell H Lqa
Wendell H Lqa
Feels Satisfied | Oct 12, 2023

The issue with Lowes was resolved, the product was sent to my old address. Apparently, I approved shipping address. My distaste is with the process to reach a human. Being a senior, I am used to Direct Customer service. Currently, with any big vendor, we are communicating with a computer instead of a human, it is frustrating to say the least. and could be deadly with for an elderly person with high blood pressure without anyone to vent to. The anger is 10 times worse than Road Rage.

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Terriann Wqf
Terriann Wqf
Feels Satisfied | Oct 05, 2023


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Dino Aly
Dino Aly
Feels Disappointed | Oct 03, 2023

Like talking to people , being paid to have any kindness. That talk bad shot there employeer
, if you can find one , snd they don’t run away,because they don’t know anything,
Even if you can get one of your representatives, to talk to you . And the prices , are out of control.. $5 for 2 bolts I returned because the hardware store had same item for 2 for $1.89 with tax .
Management is just as bad .
Home Depot a better choice. But all you big box stores have hurt so many people businesses,
I wanted to buy an experience item , I was left on hold till . 30 miles passed ,
On top your installer are rude , they told me because, you pay so little any small problem is a nightmare, you had to deliver 3 of the same appliance . Before you got the door’s figured out . Keep telling me the parts are not here to flip door , and they were in box all 3 x time’s
Would you like me to go on , you fool my 80+ mother , but you greed has let you business , slide off cliff.
Have a nice day , I know this was a was of time .. Shame AI will be replacing 87% of your jobs in the next 16 month..

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Summary of Lowes Customer Service Calls

06:07 AVG CALL

Top Reasons of Customers Calls

Consumers Call the Most From

Why Do People Call Lowes?

Payments and Charges Question:

  • “Billing error”
  • “Make a payment”
  • “I need to pay my bills”

Request for Information Question:

  • “To check credit card payments”
  • “Need to know when my item will be shipped and also what time”
  • “Have a question”

Product/ Service Question:

  • “To reorder a comode”
  • “Defective dryer delivers. Need update on delivery replacement”
  • “Installation leaking”

Shipping and Delivery Question:

  • “I didn't receive my appliances as stated”
  • “Delivery issues. Store not handling issue”
  • “Missing order”

Cards Question:

  • “Gift card”
  • “Credit card”
  • “Credit card bill that was paid at time of purchase”

Return/ Replace Question:

  • “They will not let me exchange my locks!! I don't have a receipt I don't want cash. All I want to do is exchange my merchandise and I feel they are discriminating me because I am black.”
  • “Returned check”
  • “Returns”

Account Question:

  • “Need to close account”
  • “Balance on my account”
  • “Check balance”

Staff Question:

  • “Service need's cancelled”
  • “Customer service”
  • “Poor service”

Activation/ Cancellation Question:

  • “Cancel credit card”
  • “Canceled item not canceled”
  • “Cancelar tarjeta perdida”

Refund Question:

  • “Refund status”
  • “Refund for a faulty kitchen faucet”
  • “Refund”

Employment Question:

  • “Following up on a job application”
  • “Last paystub”
  • “W2”

Website/ Application Question:

  • “Application”
  • “Trying to order online item”
  • “Your web site is crap”

Other Question:

  • “Check out online”
  • “Installation”
  • “Too many grills Isome how ordered”

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