Watford City, North Dakota

I got all the kitchen appliances from Lowe's in Bismarck, ND. After spending an hour taking off the plastic covering the appliances, I noticed a dent in the dishwasher and scuffs on the refrigerator. I called and they gave me a $50 allowance for the dishwasher. I tried to live with the dent, but finally contacted Frigidaire and ordered a skin for the dishwasher door--$108.00.

We bought the appliances in September and they were delivered in October. The ice makers do not work. The repairman has come three times and all the solutions have not been right. I should demand a new fridge, but it would just have scuffs or dents and they would scratch my new kitchen floor.

I bought the appliances with the no interest financing. I paid a considerable amount on the bill in October, and have never received another bill. My family insists they are trying to wait me out, so they can get the 24.9% interest out of me. I got worried about not getting a statement and went on-line to find a way to pay them off. Wonders of wonders, they wouldn't take my Visa--only would take Mastercharge--so I used my checking account. It still hasn't come out of my account, but I WILL be watching to see it does.

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