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I bought a gas dryer from Lowes. After delivery I pulled it back from the wall and found a large dent and scratch on the left side.

The dryer still worked and I was not sure if workmen in my basement might have damaged it. Later that year I went to work for Lowes as an appliance delivery man. Every day we found damaged appliances and we showed them to our supervisor. She routinely said to deliver them that way.

If the customer complained too much offer them a 10% discount. To all my fellow consumers, please inspect everything you have delivered by Lowes.

If it is damaged they might not tell you about it and you will get damaged goods. It is your right to get undamaged goods and Lowes is not on your side.

Monetary Loss: $500.

Location: Saint Louis, Missouri

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Hate to say it but it doesn't surprise me after my experience of how they enter into a contract telling you how beautiful it will be and then doing as little as possible. Knowing in the case of Installation Contracts which require Arbitration, legal cost can't be collected. You can go to Small Claims Court but to my surprise Lowes has you there, they will met you with their Attorney, somehow this is allowed.


Well, I'm glad to see that this is a Lowes nationwide norm! I have bought three appliances from Lowes. A Maytag freestanding range, and two years later matching Samsung front loading washer / dryer with bases. The range had a banged-in side and the washer had a large dent on the front just below the power buttons. Lowes knocked 10% off the stove and gave me one of the bases free of charge.

My son has received a damaged clothes dryer (the third one delivered was the least damaged), a $1400 refrigerator with a big dent in back and scratch down one side, and yesterday a kitchen stove with the right side banged in.

I know several people who have received damaged appliances from the same store. The delivery people ALWAYS say it is the night crew who unload the tractor trailers causing the damage.

Does anyone have good stories about Lowes appliances??????

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