Fort Oglethorpe, Georgia

I went into the store to purchase a small chest freezer. The smallest one had a clearance sticker on it.

The floor model was damaged. I waited while the sales person went to the back to see if there were others available. When she came out, she told me that they had them in their warehouse. I asked the price and she told me that they were all on clearance.

I waited a week for the delivery for one from their warehouse. When they brought it, it was the damaged floor model. I called and was told that "I was misimformed" and they would be glad to credit and rebill me for the new model (which of course costs more). So I have to go back in to the store and wait for another delivery.

The freezer that was delivered didn't even have the manual in the envelope. Nothing was in it! Just an empty envelope taped to the back of the freezer. I had asked for delivery after 6 PM as I have to work weekdays 8 to 5.

The first day the delivery guy called and told me that delivery time was between 2:30 and 5. I told him I could not be there. He said he would call the next day. He did and told me that delivery would be between 10 and 2:30.

So much for the "hassle free scheduling" that is printed on the back of my receipt.

When I tried to log in and complain, the web site said incorrect user name or password. And I know my user name and password!

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Unreal. I work for lowes delivery.

We work 6-4 everyday and that is prob why we didnt wait til 6. You have a schedule you need to follow? No way is lowes delivery guys have a life outside of our job.

Glad you won't ever come back. :(


We bought that same small freezer, took it home, plugged it in, and bamm it worked. No manual needed to simply plug in the freezer.