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I bought a washer and dryer in the Bowling Green Store a few days prior to Memorial day. Delivery was set up to be The on May 28th.

Which my husband wasted a whole day for the delivery to arrive. Once it finally got there it was damaged beyond repair and we were told that they would replace it and go ahead and use it. It flooded the utility room. Then I called Lowes to find out that they would not deliver till June the 12th.

Which after been ugly with them they agreed to bring one the next day. This time I waited all day and was told at 9am they would be there in 2 hours. which was actually 5 hours later. Guess what this washer was also damaged and I refused to even bring it in.

I went to Lowes and talked to the manager who agreed to give me a discount and pick up Sunday. When I got there Sunday the person he told me to see wasn't even there. So they weren't able to give me a discount. I was asked to come back today.

My third trip and I live 100 miles away. I feel like they owe me for making so many trips.

I certainly can't believe how this store is run and will be taking my business else where. My number is 270-847-9208.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Delivery Service.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

Monetary Loss: $1000.

Preferred solution: Price reduction.

Lowes Cons: Delivery service and their customer care.

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you work for lowes anonomous?


No, but I have sold appliances in the past at another retail store and am aware of the realities of retail sales. People just need to take a pause and look at both sides of the situation.

Customers all too often expect sales people to do the impossible and sometimes salespeople don't take enough time to explain exactly what the situation is (providing the customer will listen). They key here is that the post says they got ugly with Lowes.

In most cases if a customer comes in with a problem and acts in a reasonable manner a satisfactory solution can be reached. When customers get "ugly" the employees at the store (were are dealing with human beings here) get defensive and the customer more often than not loose.


I expect that the reason they weren't going to re-deliver until June 12th was that they were going to order a new one from the manufacturer. When you got ugly with them it sounds like they decided to send a floor model out. I would have waited for a fresh out of the box model myself.