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One month ago I purchased a front load washer from our local Lowes. The next day my machine was delivered.

During the delivery a wall and my floor was damaged and the machine was making this god for awful noise! It sounded like a wrench was inside the machine banging on the glass during a wash! I contact a mgr and was told someone would be back to my home that afternoon. No One ever showed.

Called the next day and same result. Finally I got some action after literally going to the store and showing my butt! I was told that a claim had been filed with their insurance (SRS) and that they would be contacting me with 48 hrs. They did.

I was asked to summit a statement and estimate by fax. I had it for them in two days. After not hearing from them in two weeks I call to check on my claim and was told that I had been forgot about that it was a good thing I called. I was told that they wanted somebody for them to come out and check my damages that they wanted a estimate from someone that wasn't related to me or would be byass to me.

My estimate was from my brother-n-law that has been installing floors for 24 years. I asked before getting the estimate from him if it would be ok but yet now it wasn't. There has now been 3 people in my home taking pics, doing measurements,etc and yet they want a now 4th person to come! It's like they think if they keep dragging me alone that I will finally just say forget it.

I was told that this is a one time incident that I am the first person to ever complain about their services. Well from doing a google search I'm not the first by no means! needless to say I will never do business with any Lowe's again and as of yesterday I have started consulting a lawyer on this matter. The sad thing about it, is that this should have never gone this far.

I just want my floor fix. thank you for your time.

Monetary Loss: $5.

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My mom purchased a new side by side refrigerator with warranty. Lowes delivery did not install icemaker line appropriately and four rooms of her house were flooded.

It took an adjuster one week to show up and everyone one U talked to from the store manager to the adjuster kept saying they were going to expidite my claim. It has now been almost two weeks since the adjuster came out and no word from them.

Multiple calls and no word. Hiring an attorney today.


I had a washer and dryer installed.. they forgot to hook up the drain hose...

not did they test before leaving me and giving me the okay to run... well i had massive water damage to my townhouse.. the sales/mangers... very quick to respond...

SRS very quick to respond but the *** from Custard insurance... I had to track him down nearly 2 weeks later.. he wouldn't submit his report until he got my contractor's estimate... of course ridiculously lower...

and i was persuaded to get a second estimate which was in the same ballpark as the first... it is nearly 3 months later... and no settlement yet... they think they can damage the home and then tell the contractor's what they will pay...

I still have to pay the contractor's prices... tired of it all.


Lowe's seems to have a strategy of pretending to process your claim and dragging things out. They know that most people will get tired of the hassle and will give up.


Thanks for the advice. Unfortunately the first thing that we checked was to see if the shipping screws had been removed and they had.

I can't say that before this incident we had ever had a problem with Lowe's either, but this was my first time making a large purchase with them and having something delivered.

I did find out that the gentleman that was the main one doing the installing of my washer is no longer there. That day was his last due to other unrelated issues so maybe I am just a victim of someone being hurt,mad and angry over his job and just didn't care!


@Bridgetdoty. I am sorry to hear that Lowe's damaged your floor and wall.

I purchased a front load washer and dryer from one of my local Lowe's back in March this past year. I had them delivered but not installed. When I went to wash my first load after we installed both appliances ourselves....I heard the same type of noise that you mentioned, and after investigating we realized we had to remove the shipping parts that were located in the back of the washer. They (manufacturer)place them there prior to shipping to ensure that nothing gets damaged.

Hope this helps!!! By the way I've had only positive experiences with all 3 Lowes in my area; in fact I purchased a new stove prior to purchasing my washer and dryer. A week later the same stove was on sale offering 10% off, so I called the manager to see what my options were. I was advised to bring my receipt and I would get that 10% back so I did.

My ADVICE is to be pro-active in your pursuit of receiving compensation in reference to the damages that were made in your home. Good Luck :)