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I placed an order in January. Finally, received a call that the brand new stackable washer/dryer would be delivered last week in the morning.

The drivers showed up at 5:30p and dropped the unit when wheeling it down my driveway. It was still in the box when they left. I had hired a couple of guys to be at the house to hook up, but they left when the delivery hadn't shown up by 4p. They also didn't deliver all the accessories and told me I would need to go to Lowes and pick them up myself.

I did and complained to the manager about the delivery time, the drop, and having to go to the store and pick up what they didn't deliver. The manager blew me off and said they were busy. The guys I hired last week came out today and unpacked the unit where it was left by the delivery guys, and there are multiple damages to the unit.

I called Customer service and was told that the return policy is only 48 hours. I'm disabled, so I'm screwed!

User's recommendation: DO NOT PURCHASE FROM LOWES.

Monetary Loss: $1445.

Preferred solution: A comparable replacement because I don't know if there are any internal damages.

Lowes Pros: Convenient location.

Location: 3010 Juan Tabo Boulevard Northeast, Albuquerque, New Mexico 87111, United States

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I am dealing with corporate about a delivery that was promised on 9/2/2023. Day four no delivery.

Store was absolutely fantastic but the delivery company has been and is unprofessional, demeaning and doesn't care.

I have 200.00 of spoiled food because this company can't delivery a refrigerator when promised. Corporate is irate and trying to make this right.


Individual Store Managers differ considerably at Lowes ……..woodstock ,Va mgr is Superb! Fight Back !

Enlist Friends ,Don’t Give Up ! We hear you loud and Clear !

Listen up Lowes ,we are watching you ! Clean up your sliding service starting at Corporate !


You need to call the Better Business Bureau they will definitely help u or call ur senator !! That's bull

Linda L Yoy

I wouldn't have taken the unit. I would've told them to return it and bring me a new one.

I would've called Lowe's right then and there. Never take something that's been dropped or ripped open.

You accepted it and have no proof that it was dropped .... SMH

Naksh Tkv

I purchased an (almost) $1000.00 dishwasher from Lowe's a little before the holidays began in 2022. Two weeks went by and I still had not heard one peep from anyone at the store or elsewhere.

After the first week, I went to the store and spoke to the salesman who was very kind and made a call for me. He said someone would call me once the appliance was delivered to the store from the distribution center. After that 2nd week, still no call or anything, so I got my receipt in hand and kindly asked for a refund which I got with no questions asked, but it would have been nice if a manager or other store employee would have come to see if they could help me or keep my business but that did not happen. I have always preferred Lowe's over Home Depot for several reasons, but now I seldom shop there.

I was told someone else had similar issues with the same store.

Assuming the volume of sales/deliveries for both stores, I don't sympathize with either, or any other store/outlet. If they have that much sales, etc; they can certainly afford the manpower to accommodate the demand.

reply icon Replying to comment of Naksh Tkv

Unfortunately with todays supply chain problems the store is at the mercy of the manufacturer. Even before the current problems manufacturers weren't very good about communicating delivery delays.

Appliances would be backordered week after week and the appliance manufacturers would basically say it will get there when it gets there. 2 of the largest manufacturers are in Korea so you not only have manufacturing delays but shipping from Korea to their US warehouse and then from that warehouse to the store.Lowes told you they would call when it got to the store, since it still hadn't arrived they didn't call.


Lowe's is a joke!!! We bought a new front door and side light, paid to have it painted and installed, 3 yrs later everything is bubbling up and peeling off, I called manufacturer, they said was installed wrong!

Lowe's and their contractors won't fix the door!

I'm out 2,000. Will never step foot in a Lowe's again!!

Macallan Bxz

The Lowes store appliance employees were helpful professional and guided me through my appliance purchase. The delivery condition of appliances was horrible.

All of the boxes appeared to be in pristine condition but as the delivery drivers unpacked my appliances from the boxes the stackable washer and dryer had a huge dent all the way down the side of it the replacement stackable washer and dryer head bullet holes On the front. The dishwasher was completely wrecked and damaged as if a forklift had gone through the whole dishwasher it was completely in operable. Refrigerator had a huge dent in the front of it the replacement had a small dent. The store employees in the store manager were helpful and getting replacements.

At the replacements are hit or miss. I’m not sure how damaged appliances get into boxes that showed no damage at all they have to be packaged damaged. Like the bullet holes in my stackable washer and dryer the box did not show any bullet holes in it we even checked the drivers check to make sure that his truck didn’t have bullet holes in it not appliance must’ve come from some men warehouse and was packaged into a box that had no holes in it. This huge logistical delivery service that Lowes contracts to is either receiving damaged goods packaged in pristine boxes from the different appliance companies or They purchase seconds and deliver them as pristine.

The delivery drivers try really hard to dump the appliances in your home and leave and tell you to call the number at store. It took three months to get my appliances straightened out Which included keeping a brand new beautiful stainless steel refrigerator with a dent in the front of it and cost much more in time and missed work negating any savings from appliance purchase. The store employees were so nice during the purchasing process. This contracting company that Lowes uses is unacceptable.

Lowes should send inspection team to contractor warehouses and check inside box of every appliance.

And establish if those appliances are arriving damaged or if they’re being re-packaged as damaged or maybe it’s just a big scam I don’t know. Many people experiencing same problems is red flag.


We bought a washer from Lowe's last year. Worst washer.

Terrible service. Had to go back to the store in White Lake Michigan 3 more times.

They had no one to repair it so they were forced to take it back. Bad deal


these types of problems are more common than you would think. I have had more than my share of problems with Lowes.

I always remedy my issues with Lowes home office customer relations dept.

They will get you a satisfactory resolution. Try It.


Lowe’s and their OUTSOURCING sucks!!!

Wilver Ypv

Basically the same thing happened to my wife and I. We had bought a floor model Refrigerator with the outside door for beverages.

By the time we get the Refrigerator it has a massive dent in the door. When we called Lowes and complained about the manager said well that's the floor model and your stuck with it. It is as is and we don't have to refund anything for it I also have pictures of damage.

It was a 1800 dollar loss and since they won't do anything it is another 600 for the replacement door at the minimum. So yeah, don't buy Lowes home appliances they will be damaged some how.

reply icon Replying to comment of Wilver Ypv

They are horrible. I will leave it at that. Go to Home Depot!!


Companies simply do not care anymore.


Similar experience I had, I bought a Water Heater that had a Heat Pump in it, an AO Smith unit, I paid for the extra warranty including the home service and all. I picked up the unit, drove it to my new home in Tehachapi Ca.

93561, about 100 miles north of Metro LA, even less from the LA the county line. Out of the box it did not work. I called Lowes, they said they did not have a service contractor qualified to work on it within 45 miles or something. So, I needed to un install it, be without hot water, drive it to LA (Lancaster Lowes store), drop it off, buy a new unit, but they did not have one in stock, pay for new one including the extra trip to get it.

Then if the factory said ok, I would be re imbursed within 90 days. No compensation for un install or travel or re install, or time without hot water. I remind you, I paid extra for extended warranty and home repair that included replacement if it could not be repaired. The Lowes Manager said that is all they would do.

I called the AO Smith factory, they confirmed the unit was defective and contacted Lowes, still had to wait and do it myself. For what it is worth, I had been a Licensed Plumbing contractor for over 40 years at that point and knew what I was talking about and was not the cause of the failure. Also I had bought the unit on sale a couple hundred dollars less, but was required to pay the difference before they would even order the replacement tank.

This was a few years ago, and I still do not do business with Lowes. I consider the Lowes policies to be of the worse and even unlawfull but I chose my battles and my stores, I recommend others do the same.


I also had a lawn tractor delivered to my home that I purchased at Lowes. The drivers backed their truck into my 6 foot fence in the front of my home and damaged it.

I called the manager and even sent him photos. He never responded to me at all.

I also contacted the corporate office and got nowhere. I would nver purchase any major items from Lowes again.


Report to credit card asap.


It must run in the family! I got a refrigerator from them it quit went back and they said they had no record of the sale.

So I had to go through all kinds of changes to prove it myself and it’s a 50 mile trip one way!

That’s at the Wichita Ks. Store on Ridge Road


There are general managers you can go to. Ask for the number if they’re corporate headquarters at the front desk or get it from a manager on duty.

Not acceptable.

They went to 3rd party delivery now! This is a common story!


Thanks for the review. I won’t be shopping at Lowe’s anymore.

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