Marysville, Washington
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Ordered a new refrigerator and received the next day delivery. Upon setting it up I discovered it had damage, crack inside the door and a dent on the outside of the same door.

Reported it right away and was told I would receive a call. Next day make another call. A week later another call. 2 weeks go by so I write an email to customer service.

Finally a response, someone will call you. 2 day later I get a call that they will call me again the following week to schedule a delivery but would I accept $100 to keep it. I ask for $250 but they decline. I go to the store and pose as a customer to see if they have it in stock, yes they do and I can get it delivered the next day, so what the *** am I having to wait another *** week!

Another week goes by and I finally tell them I am returning it and I'll go elsewhere as I am closing in on the 30 day return policy and don't want to lose any leverage in this ordeal. Now they can deliver one the next day for me.

I finally get my refrigerator and I just saw the damaged one at the store marked down from $1199 to $784, but they wouldn't give me back $250? Doesn't make much sense.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Delivery Service.

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Perfect sense. They wanted to wait you out.

Hoping you would just give up and accept the $100. Good For you for taking a stand and for forcing the issue.