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I just found Lowe's to be completely dishonest with their prices. Recently, I noticed online that my store had some tiles on sale from $9.91 to $2.48 until 2/28/2017 (it has an end date).

Needing to get more, I looked online to see what locations have them available. This floored me. The closest store...8.3 miles away regular price $9.91, 8. 7 miles-$4.96 (sale until 2/28/2017), 11.3 miles-$5.95, 11.9 miles-$2.48, 13.2 miles-$7.93, 12.1 miles-$7.93, 15.9 miles-$5.95.

All of the items on sale have an end date of 2/28/2017. Tried to get chat help. I originally asked where else can I find the tiles. I was told there was only one other store in my area that had them and they are $5.95.

He was sending me to a store to pay higher even when there are closer stores for less. When I asked about the price differences, he said they were clearance items (clearance items don't have a sale end date and none of them say clearance). Then he said I had to call Customer Care. **That's another problem.

Often, after spending considerable amount of time with chat help, I'm told to contact Customer Care because chat can't help. In addition, the reps helps several people at the same time, making me sit extended periods of time.** Just because of boredom, I looked and found several different items and departments with the same problem. Putting it into a different perspective, I see the item online at the store for $2.48, tell hubs to pick some up on the way home, he stops at different store and pays $9.91. That's close to bait and switch.

Similarly, I could have just purchased tiles for $9.91 because I like them, then find out less than 10 miles away they were $2.48. Now I'm learning when (and if) I shop Lowe's, I should spend time on the website to make sure I'm not getting ripped off. I was advised they have a price match policy with other retailers, but the store managers do not have to match other Lowe's prices.

My time, my money and my patience is more important than to be wasted on Lowe's. I should be able to depend on stores to be honest in advertising.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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Elk Grove, California, United States #1288952

Having worked as a Customer Service MANAGER here... you are what we'd refer to as an uneducated, impatient, *** TW*T. Use your *** brain and just shop at the store that sells them the cheapest - and make sure you have your set to your zip code.

to Boss*** #1454968

Its the *** point I am seeing this myself Lowes has a great price online of 64.00 on a Monrovia 1.6-Gallon Crimson Queen Japanese Maple Feature Tree but states it is unavailable for in store pick up or special ordering at any of their stores in a 50 mile radius of where I live. Yet all the stores in my area stock a 3.1 gal which is side by side damn near the same size tree but over twice the price at 179.00 what is up with that ??? Just stock the 1.6 gal size total bait and switch ***

Columbus, Georgia, United States #1288570

Same thing happened to me this week. When I went back to store to repurchase item they cancelled my order when they clearly had them in stock.

Customer Service is run by teenage dropouts who continuously contradicted themselves. Home Depot is much better anyway.


Overthink things much? Just go to the store that has them for $2.48 and be done with it. For the amount of time and effort you spent investigating this world crisis, you could have purchased and installed the tiles.

to Anonymous #1348242

Clearance prices are sometimes set by quantity on hand. The more there is , the higher the price.

Different districts have different pricing.

Due to local overhead.

AND of course Corprate America is out to make a buck.

Indianapolis, Indiana, United States #1278839

Lowe's clearance prices typically do have end dates. Most likely the tile sells well at the stores still at full price and they will be keeping it in stock.


Your gas prices are going to be wayyy different 11mi apart also....What exactly is your confusion? Were the prices online different from in store?

Were the prices posted in store different than what they charged at the register? Now I'm confused on the definition of deciet.

Mount Laurel, New Jersey, United States #1277945

What's deceitful? Each store posted the price you would pay in that store. You have a choice of going to the store that has it at the los]west price if you want.

Flat Rock, Michigan, United States #1277698

You're an ***

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