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I reviewed Lowes weekly on-line ad and they had paint on sale starting at $22.98 per gallon. When I went to the local Lowes, I went into the paint department and grabbed a one gallon can of the exact paint list by photo in the ad.

Under where the cans were it had a price of $38.98. Before I left the department, I asked about the price and the sales person had no idea if the paint was on sale as stated in the on line ad. So I went to the customer service booth and asked about the price, where I was told it was $38.98. So I asked them about the ad and she stated they didn't have an ad.

When I showed here the ad on my phone, she called another person from the Managers office. First, this woman was very rude asking me where I got the ad and it was phony. I told her it was from Lowes website. When she looked at my phone, she stated the price of the item starts at $22.98 and they can charge whatever they want.

WOW! I told her that was deceptive advertising and I was going to register a complaint. She told me as she was walking away "Go ahead, it's not going to do you any good". Needless to say, I called Lowes corporate and they didn't give me the time of day.

So I registered a complaint for deceptive advertising with my states attorney generals office.

Not sure anything will come of it, but will never go back to Lowes. As much as I dislike Home Depot, I will be going back to the,.

Product or Service Mentioned: Valspar Paint.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

Preferred solution: Removal of the customer service person for being so arrogant..

Lowes Pros: Convenient location.

Lowes Cons: Rude customer service person.

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It's not their fault you don't understand how to read. The paint STARTED at 22.98.

That means the lowest quality FLAT paint.

The price goes up depending on brand and finish. Satin, eggshell, and semi-gloss all increase in the price.


Really? So they can put a picture representing anything like a washer or dryer and say they start at $100 and not have one product for that price.

By the way, still looking for the $22.98 paint. yet to be found anywhere in the store.


Nowhere in your complaint do you say that you asked for the $22 paint or that they didn't offer a paint at this price. You just complained that the can you wanted wasn't the $22 paint. Doubt you are still looking.

Ted D

Yes I understand that, but the can in the picture was what I actually want to purchase ( type, brand and finish). I guess that paint doesn't start at $22.98, even though it says that in the ad.

It actually starts at $38.98. Have decided not to purchase anything there again after years of many purchases from appliances to home improvements done with teir products and contractors.