Hickory, North Carolina

I received a promotional "spend $50 and get $10 off/spend $250 and get $25 off" with cards attached to present to the cashier. We spent $337.94 and I gave the girl the card, first she said she couldn't use that, but then took it.

When I looked at the receipt, all I was given was 5% off - which I always get for using my credit card. When I called, what I was told by a Customer Service clerk AND a Customer Service Supervisor, is that Lowes does not allow you to "stack" discounts. What? Her explanation is that it's on the flyer AND on the website so I should have known.

So, the promotion said come in and use this - but they don't really mean it! It's pretty close to fraud to me - make the offer look good and people don't read the really really fine print and oh, they should know because it's on the website. Why bother to send it out! Oh, I know, because most people don't even look!


Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Advertisement.

Monetary Loss: $25.

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They are still doing it almost 3 years later. Checker only mentioned it after transaction complete.

Maybe people don't care but I would guess they have lost more customers and have come out on the losing end. The stores are never very busy.


I TELL THE CUSTOMERS IF THEY HAVE SAY TEN ITEMS TO BUY,BUY EACH ITEM SEPARATELY WITH THE LOWES CARD AND GET 5% OFF EACH ITEM. THAT WOULD TOTAL 50%. but do it at different stores or different casheir because lowes will catch on to you soon.


You know that's incorrect right? It would still be 5% off the lump sum... 5% off each item equal 5% off the total amount.


Then I would have to ask YOU why would You keep shopping at Lowes?


Promotions are to get people into the store. Why should they stack?

Legally it's not fraud if it clearly stated somewhere on the promotion it is not useable with other discounts. Why you so angry about a minor discount? Stores need to make money!

If they don't make money they shut down and you no longer have anywhere to shop but WALMART.


If they had told the consumer at the register --either get the 5% with the card or this promotional discount then of course this misunderstanding would not have happened! I received coupon for them that MENTIONS NOTHING about stacking of discounts as we also qualify for a 10% DVA discount I went in to buy a dryer and was told I could not even THOUGH IT DOES NOT SAY that the discount cannot be used with the coupon and vice versa.

The mark up on the dryer is such that deep discounts can be given and they make more then their required margin. So I won't be shopping at Lowe's any longer.


It may have been in the fine print on the coupon or in the terms of your credit card, but I will agree that the cashier should have said something. Most stores will say, "You can either use your Lowe's card and get 5% off, or you can pay a different way and use the coupon, which is more to your benefit."

Keep in mind that, at least by me, since they are literally across the street from each other, Lowe's and Home Depot will accept each other's coupons. So Lowe's should not have kept your coupon if they only gave you the 5% discount for using their card and disallowed use of the coupon - then you could at least go use it at Home Depot.