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Louis Puccini, Jr. 9105 Camino Cometa NE Albuquerque, NM 87111-1401 Telephone: (505) 821-0121 February 14, 2018 Lowes Home Center LLC Attn: Christopher Joyner Assistant Store Manager 3010 Juan Tabo Blvd NE Albuquerque NM 87111 Re: Lowe’s Default of Lowes 3 year Product Protection Plan No.

590329 on purchase of Greenworks 400 Lithium Cordless Cultivator Model No. 27062 with Louis Puccini dated December 1, 2014 Dear Mr. Joyner: It is unfortunate that I have to write this letter but you and Lowes have left me no other way to get a response from you or Lowes and to have Lowes comply with the extended protection plan. I met with you on January 3, 2018 and you said this was “now your problem.” Your card, as you know, has Lowes general telephone number.

On January 6 you left a message that Lowes again failed to obtain a replacement battery and you would personally get a replacement cultivator and to call you back. the cultivator is useless without a battery—obviously. Since January 7 I have called you many times—waiting 20-25 rings for someone to answer the phone. I have left many messages for you or someone to call me when I can receive the new replacement cultivator (rototiller) or receive a full refund.

On several calls I was summarily told they were transferring the call to you which resulted in another 20-25 rings, always with your failing to answer. When I call right back I am told you were in the store and they didn’t know why you didn’t answer and then they take another message to give you to call me. TO DATE, FOR 6 WEEKS—I HAVE RECEIVED NO RESPONSE WHATSOEVER! Lowes continues to avoid honoring the extended protection plan Lowes sold.

I repeat briefly the sequence of events where Lowes continues to try to dodge responsibility for a mere $300 product: Page 2 2/14/2018 1. November 28, 2017—made claim at Lowe’s Customer Service, returned battery and was told by Jared, your head cashier there was no coverage because manufacturer had 3 year warranty. I showed Jared the 2 year manufacturer’s warranty—it expired. 2.

Jared then said Lowes required entire unit to be sent to Lowes repair facility. 3. Within 2 hours brought in entire cultivator (rototiller), battery and charger. It had no box and was obviously difficult to ship.

I required written confirmation the rototiller was not damaged and in excellent condition—Lowes assumed all liability in shipping. 4. I was then told by Customer Service that Bill (in the outdoor equipment department) he could just order a new battery and you didn’t want the entire unit. 5.

I was then told I had to pay in advance for a new battery but you would refund the purchase price when the battery was received. (see your Invoice 16919685—11/28/17 in writing by Heidi). 6. Returned on December 7, 2017—Lowes ordered wrong battery—was to reorder it.

7. No notice from Lowes on new battery. Returned to Lowes on December 30, 2017—and meet with Jared and Fernando again. They could not find a manager to deal with the problem.

No “new battery” could be located—they forgot to reorder it. 8. December 12, 2017—Lowes without notice to me cancelled order for new battery as it could not be purchased and credited my VISA. Battery to be delivered December 22 by Greenworks.

(see your Invoices 82935, 82933) 9. December 30, 2017—Chris reordered a new battery again. 10. January 3, 2018—returned again and told battery could not be found.

11. January 7, 2018—Ashley told me she ordered new rototiller on order of a manager and would call me to pick up when delivered to Lowes. 12. January 7-February 14—no reply from Lowes despite many calls.

No new rototiller received. Lowes incompetent handling of this small claim is despicable. You are hereby notified that in the event I do not receive a new battery operated cultivator (of similar quality) or a full refund within five (5) days of this letter, I shall file a lawsuit for fraud, breach of contract and damages for lack of good faith and fair dealing.

I do not like being cheated and lied to. Very truly yours, ________________________________ Louis Puccini, Jr.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Cultivator Part Replacement.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Lowes Cons: Read my review.

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