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I bought a dryer 4 months ago. I called Oct 19 to get a repair person because it had stopped working.

He showed up Oct 22 without the necessary part but did tell me he had a lot of defective dryers from Lowes recently. He ordered the part which did not arrive in time for the rescheduled visit on October 28. I took off another half day of work today to meet the repair guy between 1 and 5 but at 6 I was told he would be there at about 7 pm. At this point I rescheduled with zero confidence these clowns will actually ever repair this dryer that I have had for FOUR MONTHS.

I have several rental properties and have spent at least 10K a year with these guys for the last several years.

and actually had planned on another 7 K in early next year. Looks like Home depot is the next stop on my list.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

Lowes Cons: Warranty service.

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WOW! What a genius.

You've spent over $10,000 a year for the past few years and now have a problem and are headed for Home Depot. You do realize that Lowes didn't make the dryer don't you. The manufacturer is responsible for the warranty repair...not Lowes.

This will be true at Home Depot as well. Glad you didn't say you are headed to my store.