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Update by user Apr 15, 2013

After weeks of arguing with both repair center and Lowes they both agreed to make good on their product, Lowes acknowledges that this incident should have never went this far and offered to repair with no questions, this incident could have been avoided by reviewing the repairman's findings which was all bogus, a drill is purchase for the purpose of conducting several projects to include drilling holes, setting screws etc. it is not purchased to sit on a shelf.

It has to have some cosmetic scratches and stains so next time a consumer request to simply just repair the *** chuck just do it and stop this *** unprofessional behavior which makes your company seem irresponsible to your customers, I want to thank Pissed Consumer for their assistance and the readers that supported me. Thank You

Original review posted by user Feb 19, 2013

On 11/25/2012 I purchased a Dewalt cordless drill from Lowe's for $100.63 at the time I thought it was a great deal considering it came with two batteries but unfortunately I had made a $100 mistake,shortly after using the drill a few times I noticed the chuck was slipping and eventually would not counter sink any screws at all. On 01/30/2013 I decided to send the item back to Lowe's per their instructions for repair after a couple of weeks of no contact from Lowe's I decided to call and they informed me they would be sending the drill back without repairs due to missing parts and wear, I decided I was going to get upset for no reason at all since it was all lies, the drill has no missing pieces the only thing wrong with it is the chuck in which I just wanted it replaced and as of the missing parts I did not think I needed to send the charger since there is no other issue with the drill but the chuck.

I believe this is an outright rip-off with very little you can do about it, I called the Dewalt factory and they informed me the store was responsible for the drill due to it being less than 60 days since purchase, at this time I will further my complaint against Lowe's until someone listens. I have heard that this is not an isolated issue with Lowe's customer service.

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What's wrong with weedeater. That's what we call them. or grass trimmer.


I bought a Dewalt cordless drill in the winter of last year. I began having the same problem you did.

I found my receipt and return it for a full refund. Only difference is it was Home Depot not Lowes. I have never had a problem returning anything to Home Depot. They even guarantee their plants you can't beat that deal.

My brother in law had a Lowes card and after they gave him a hard time about a *** eater he went to the customer service desk got the manager that refused to take back the (one use) *** eater (telling him to send it to the warranty repair) he cut up the card and told him where to put it. Lowes is not known for is customer service here in Jackson.


Anonymous+LadyScot=Ignorance...lol you can change your userid but you can't change your colors. you must be foaming at the bit since you have been cut off from the walmart pages.

all you do and have done is attack consumers. if you hate the customers that put money your pocket so much then get a job where you do not have to see, speak or deal with customers..if you can...hehe


Do you work in a retail store? I doubt it so im sure you have no idea how anything works.

Go work at a retail store for a week an then maybe you will understand . You people think you have everything figured out an your always right but most of the time thats not the case.


Look I do not care about Lowe's or Dewalt they have more money than I do so that being the case I will try to protect my money just like they do. I am tired of hearing all of this bs about who is at fault and who is responsible all I know is that no store or manufacturer is going to rip me off without a FIGHT.

Everyday you hear about faulty merchandise sold and no one taking responsibility it is obvious that manufacturers are sh*tting all over us selling these cheaply made products and wanting us just to take it well I got news for you my friend I am not I want what I paid for, everything is more expensive today than it was a few years ago and yet it is of worse quality. I have purchase many items and a good portion of them have been returned due to faulty workmanship.

trimmers,stoves,refrigerators,washing machines,etc.etc. and you are telling me to deal with the manufacturer I don't think so.


You might have bought the product from lowes but lowes bought it from dewalt. Dewalt made the bad drill not Lowes.

So therefore u need to have a problem with dewalt. Its covered under a manufacture warranty not a lowes warranty. Why would it be lowes responsibility for 60 days that makes no sense. An the first time you said it was under 60 days an then in your comment you said 3 months.

3 months is 90 days not 60. So which one is it.


You sound like an *** and you probably are one. I buy a product and it goes defective in 2 or 6 months it goes back to place of purchase you ***.

You buy a Ford vehicle from a dealer who do you take it too? The dealer *** not the manufacturer.

There is no need to deal with manufacturer unless you purchased directly so as for your idiotic comment I agree with popo56. ***


"I decided I was going to get upset for no reason at all since it was all lies," THIS MAKES YOU SOUND LIKE A TROLL. I would also like to point out no manufacture would say it was the stores responsibility.

I work for a similar store and the manufactures wants to deal with the customer when this type of situation occurs any repairs on it would be under the manufactures warranty.

Companies specifically tell my store not to return items have them call them so they can deal with the problem. If the store dealt with it it would just be a returned item that was defected out then the manufacture would cover the cost.


Should have been "not going to get upset" and if the item is under 3 months you pos it is the stores responsibilities, I did not buy the drill from Dewalt I bought it from Lowe's so f*&ck off you worthless pos.