Yuma, Arizona
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I bought a rather expensive stainless still fridge from Lowes and from the beginning, it didn't make ice. Lowes would not provide any assistance and at one point, the manager (Yuma Arizona store) approached me and through intimidation basically said there was nothing they would do and to go through the manufaturer.

Two years later, I was FINALLY able to get the manufacturer to refund my money! The time and energy wasted arguing with Lowes was enough to for me to never purhcase an item from them and to tell others to go elsewhere.

Home Depot or a community store is now my choice of stores.

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So it's not my imagination! Judging from what I've found here and elsewhere on the internet, Lowe's managers are routinely rude to customers.

I thought I was somehow special. I'll drive 1,000-miles to their competitors before going into their store.