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The woman in human resorces hired my husband,he told her he wanted part time and no sundays she put hin on a half hour short of full time and saturdays during day hours when he was hired second shift ,told him shes leaving sundays open incade they have to work him! No!

We go to church and thats how we spend our sunday!she changed the department he was hired for before he even began the job! Yea right Hey lowes when people apply for a job at other companies and getbhired thats what they get ,the job they applied for!! Whats your problem ?!!! People dont apply to be at the beck and call only of lowes!

They do have a real life that matters!! And they dont pay with pay checks only put your money on a card and the only way you can find out about what your pay stub would look like is to go on line you have to make a copy yourself because they dont give you anything!

Looking forward to my husbands last and final day cant wait and he only went to orientation yesterday! You can keep your 10%employee discount too!

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Buffalo, New York, United States #1327195

Sounds like your family doesn't need the income. As far as Sundays, I think by law they have to accommodate his religious beliefs.


Obviously a post by someone who has never experienced working in big box retail. You either work when and where they need you or they will get along just fine without you. I would advise looking for something other than retail if you don't want to work nights or weekends.

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