We have repeated unexpected delays in service again, sales were easy, but getting the service s are not as promised, poor communication and system update, these make us lost confidence with the store. Improvement needed ASAP.

We have set up for washer delivery for yesterday afternoon at the time of purchase but they come in the morning without noticed us the time of delivery. After we saw the notice on the door and called store manager, he promise us that some one will call at 9 am today, but no one called until we called the third time and found out that this cell phone number was not up dated even though we have done so in the store many times before for other services in the past. Finally the delivery man returned the call and told us that we did not give them a preferred time of delivery.

We also had bad experience in 2011 when we bought deck and installation early in September. The salesman promised finishing the installation before the thanksgiving, 2-3 months after the contract signed, but we finally had it mostly done incompletely the next spring, 6 months later after we called too many times.

Lowe's Home centers

6300 Wilmington pike, Centerville, Ohio 45459


Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Installation.

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Kernersville, North Carolina, United States #810214


What makes you think you are so intelligent, that you can assume all this? The window of delivery usually runs late for most of the less educated people, unlike yourself.

If you have a afternoon delivery scheduled, are you going to lounge around all morning, again ***-uming they are going to be early? They might have been hours early for all you know.

I have dealt with a lot of people like you.

I imagine you have played bully all you life because no one stand up to your arrogant mouth.

Try to see their side, is your time worth anything to you?

B Kearns

Shelby, North Carolina, United States #804844

You sound like a cry baby. You're angry because they brought your appliances early?

Plus your grasp of English is questionable at best.

"The salesman promised finishing... before the Thanksgiving...mostly done incompletely." I'm almost certain it was you who did not understand when the installation process was explained.

to Samnax #809362

Exactly what I was thinking...

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