Rincon, Georgia
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I was looking at buying some blocks and bags of marble chips to a DIY project, I don't own a truck so wanted it delivered. Sales people in the lawn and garden told me it would be $79 unless you had a contractors account which it would then be $20.

My total was $116 before tax. I went inside to the counter and ask if the delivery charge was correct, the lady said yes , that was correct. She never asked what I was looking at buying or anything. I told her I would buy from somewhere else.

The DIY people made you, now you deter the average DIY to not buy from you if it requires delivery.

This was today at the Rincon,Ga. store, I will drive to Pooler,Ga and by from Home DEpot, delivery is much cheaper and I am further away from them.

Monetary Loss: $116.

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Try a local lumber yard / building supply. Mine delivers free for orders over $200. HD and Lowes both charge here


I did a google search to find this; “MyLowe's customers purchasing a minimum order of $49 on Lowes.com are eligible for Free Standard Shipping.” So you might be able to shop from home and have it delivered for free. Unless this is false advertisement!!! I commend you for taking your business elsewhere when service did not meet your expectations.


just whom sets the delivery charges the head of each department , reading comments about delivery fees and some are free and up to $79 dollars for just a DIY person and $20 for contractors, whats up with all the bad talk posted. Sounds like lowes is not doing customers or older employes just quite right.


buddy home depot charge delivery fee to nothing is free in this days .too bad but true'


If you are just buying a few things borrow or rent a pick up truck or trailer to get it home. I don't know if you have noticed but the trucks they deliver with are big expensive trucks that don't drive themselves.

They have to pay for those trucks, insurance, someone to drive them and someone to load them.

That's why there is a delivery charge. At $79 they probably just break even.


Your just another idiot in a long long line.


In this context, using "your" in incorrect. You should use "you're," which is a contraction of "you" and "are." i.e., "You're illiterate. "


Yes grammar police we all get it but the point is still valid.


Reading these comments it seems pretty obvious that an anonymous Lowe's employee has the job of being a *** to every one that complains here.Major customer service fail. Clean up your trolls...

Cue Troll:


I think it is clear point made here: why does Lowes' charge almost $30 more to deliver shorter distance than Home Depot? I'm in Florida and Home Depot's truck delivery is cheaper than Lowes.

Also, on light items, I myself have gone to Amazon/Walmart/Ebay to get the same things Lowes required Truck only, for fraction of cost. To me, their delivery fee being flat regardless of item, that is the rip-off, as well as Home Depot charges less for same truck service. I agree it is smarter in situation to rent a uhaul and DIY; in fact that is what I am doing myself when I am going to Lowes next week for something I couldn't find in HomeDepot, as I can keep the uhaul for 2 days, take my time, and pay less that $40. Whereas paying for their truck to deliver or renting their truck on something I can carry myself makes no sense moneywise.

Now for something heavy like a mowing tractor, etc, then it makes sense, but for Lowes' not to give less price for an item that takes less labor because it is not heavy but only too large to fit in an average vehicle is to refuse to come to the modern world where shippers price things by weight/flat rates/categories thousands of times a day. That is why I rarely shop at Lowes and instead go to Home Depot.


Do you think it costs any less to send the truck to your house with a small load than it does a large load? If anything, they should charge less for a large load as the profit on the large sale is greater.


is this person serious? this has to be a joke, no sane person expects free delivery!

let's see, gas isn't free, a truck isn't free, and someone's time to drive that truck and deliver your stuff isn't free either. boy some people really aren't very bright!

but hey, if this person finds a store that provides free delivery, i'm all ears, LOL!!


Did you come in thinking we are running a charity and just giving things away on the day you came into the store?


I don't work for lowes (or any place that delivers for that matter) and I am not a delivery person but I need to know something? What did you expect?

They have to be able to cover the cost of maintenance, gas, labor, etc and the way they do that is by charging a delivery fee.

Next time, while your talking to an associate and making up your mind what you want simply ask how much delivery costs before making a purchase. That way you can decide if you want to pay it, rent a truck, or borrow a friends truck before it's too late.


maybe you need to re-read posting, I did not buy first, I asked about the charge before making a purchase. You have missed the whole point, the lack of customer service was the big issue from the service desk.


Did ya'll hear about lowes new business model ? well what little customer service they do have is now getting farmed out to a call center so you can't complain to a store manager .

not only that but they are taking all the local contractor jobs floors , heating and air ,door installs and giving the installs to a company out of state !

that will be great service . on top of that all the deliveries will also be farmed out leaving no one accountable for damages to the product or home .


Good job Phil


Maybe you should've asked about the delivery fee before doing a purchase? Educate yourself!


educate your self, re-read post, I did not make a purchase first.


If you didn’t purchase anything what is the $116 monetary loss?