Rincon, Georgia
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I was looking at buying some blocks and bags of marble chips to a DIY project, I don't own a truck so wanted it delivered. Sales people in the lawn and garden told me it would be $79 unless you had a contractors account which it would then be $20.

My total was $116 before tax. I went inside to the counter and ask if the delivery charge was correct, the lady said yes , that was correct. She never asked what I was looking at buying or anything. I told her I would buy from somewhere else.

The DIY people made you, now you deter the average DIY to not buy from you if it requires delivery.

This was today at the Rincon,Ga. store, I will drive to Pooler,Ga and by from Home DEpot, delivery is much cheaper and I am further away from them.

Monetary Loss: $116.

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Why don't you go to u-haul and rent a truck? Once you have that truck consider the time you will take to get and return the truck on top of your time and labor picking up the materials at Lowes and unloading them once you get home. Bet the $79 doesn't look that bad now.


You must work for lowes!


No, I don't work for Lowe's, but am smart enough to know the value of delivery vehicles, what it takes to pay someone to load and drive them and the value of my time as well.


The value of delivery vehicles? What you get from Lowes so called professionals are drunks, people that are to *** to get jobs anywhere else and retired people that cannot live off of their social security (if they have any).

Their delivery service is not a 'stand alone' service, it is rolled into the store costs and as such, should work at a minimum. But Lowes will *** every way they can, that is why Home Depot is a better place to do business.


Clearly you don't have the means to purchase big items. You should not expect it to be free or super cheap to have it delivered to you.

Listen up clueless person! It cost money to deliver things; man power, gas, packaging, handling, and the vehicle to transport it. Why do you think the United States Postal Service is 75-billion to 100-billion dollars in debt? Because they can't charge fair market value to deliver mail.

If they did it would greatly slow down the economy.

Lowes on the other hand is a competitive business and can charge a price that covers the cost of delivery. Or you could buy a truck yourself I bet that's cheaper :)!


Guessing you are a truck driver?


What a *** You think everything in life is free. Why don't you go down to your local welfare office and apply.sounds like you're just like them. Want others to pay for your ***