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We're in the middle of a Lowe's XPO fiasco about an oven we ordered. The customer service reps themselves were kind, just the entire organizations don't care.

We got fresh produce to make an inaugural oven meal bc we were told 6-8 pm Th. Waited afraid to cook supper on our old stove (oven's broken) in case they showed up. No one came. Called Lowe's and was told we'd be an "add-on" for Friday, so they couldn't give us a time.

(They said the report said the driver came and no one answered the door. Hah. We were looking for them the whole time. Either they're incompetent at finding addresses, or they lie; neither is good.

For my job, I visit homes, and I can tell you if someone doesn't answer the door, I phone them. Duh!) So I called XPO Friday morning and asked if someone could call us to touch base--no, they'd just call 30-60 minutes before they came. Husband teleworked that day. No one called or came.

I called Lowes in the evening but the nice person was powerless. I then called XPO and the rep said a manager would call us in about 5 minutes. Nope. I went to work today (Saturday) but my husband was home and said no one called or came.

I called XPO this evening and the (again) kind customer service rep said he would try to reach a supervisor and could I please hold...which I did for a full 35 minutes before giving up. Does Lowes want our money or not?!?!?!

I'd cancel but they wouldn't care, and I don't want to start all over with another company. But we are never, ever buying from Lowes again.

Product or Service Mentioned: Xpo Logistics Home Delivery Service.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

Lowes Cons: Delivery did not show up day after day.

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After a week, the oven showed up. The day before it showed up, the Lowes 1-800 customer service person said that it looked like the online order hadn't been processed, so we should call our local store manager.

I called the local store manager, left a message, and never heard back; but then that evening, the delivery place called and gave us a window of time during which we'd get the oven. So either someone did something helpful behind the scenes or their communication among themselves is poor.

Anyway, it finally, finally arrived. But if I'd gotten paid for all the time I spent on this, we could practically buy another appliance (but not from Lowes!!!!!).


I feel like you literally just wrote about my experience. So frustrating how they don't even care.

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