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I get a call confirming delivery the night before. I have 3 workers scheduled to arrive after confirmation.

I get a call two hours prior of delivery explaining that the ONLY driver is not coming in due to his wife having a baby. So, Lowe's has no backup plan at all? Only one driver! Not like everyone did not know she would have a baby after 9mnths....

I have zero issue with the new father... I'm angry that Lowe's has such poor management for delivery scheduling. Unbelievable that management did not have a contingency plan and all the deliveries depended on one truck driver. So this is where it really gets good.

They rescheduled me for 8 days later. Wouldn't you think that they would do everything possible to make right for the customers impacted? I have had to speak to 3 different people to try to get it delivered earlier.

Unbelievably unprofessional. Next time I'm buying from Home Depot.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Delivery Service.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

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If the volume of deliveries a store has only supports 1 driver it doesn't make economic sense to have 2 on the payroll. If the materials you were having delivered took 3 people to install I would assume there were a lot of materials that couldn't be handled by small courier. Unfortunately things in life happen and they aren't always convenient.