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We bought our refrigerator from Lowe's about four years ago. Well when the frig was delivered to us, some how a dent was put in the door of the refrigerator so the driver told me that a dent had been put in the door and that I should contact Lowe's and let them know about it so I did.

With several unsuggessful attemps to get a hold of the manager, I was finally contacted by someone from Lowe's and they told me that the manager was offering us a fifty dollar coupon instead of a new door. What? fifty dollars? of course I told them "No!" A new door is a lot more than fifty dollars.

All we wanted was a new door. How hard is it to just replace the door?

we finally went in to Lowe's and were given all kinds of excuses why we couldn't see the manager so we just gave up and have to look at the refrigerator with the dent in the door. We will never buy from Lowe's again!

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Manager.

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Are you serious?! That manager needs fired..I would not take $50 for a dent in a fridge..

A dent in the fridge is a HUGE thing...even small dents in stainless steel fridges are not attractive at all. If you pay for something new, you should receive it looking new!! I would be pissed and would have made them brought me a whole new fridge without a dent. I just bought a washer from Lowes and noticed a dent on the top front is pretty noticeable and you can feel it as well.

I tried to get it out using a blower dryer and ice trick to see if it would pop out-it did not work. I will be calling Lowes to see what they can do..They should be more careful with their appliances during the unloading process and delivery!

It is not the customer's fault that this happens! It is so frustrating!


$50 sounds fair to me...


hey.. i am a delivery driver for lowes..

you should not settle.. i know my management takes care of all customers big or small purchases..

call 1800 44 lowes.. i promise that it will get taken care of fast..