I bought both a dishwasher and a stove from Lowe's in Bloomfield this summer.

They have a third party company do their delivery.

The company is fine, it is Lowe's that does not give a drat about its customer nor their inept way of doing business.

In both cases, the product did not make its way without me screaming or it was just the wrong product, as in the case of the stove. I had to work with the management and both times they treated me as if I had all of the time in the world at my disposal...like "making another " appointment was nothing. Maybe their customers do not work for a livng

Go to Home Depot.

These folks did not do enough to make sure that the products were given to the customer in a good fashion

You know, we used to have a small hardware store in town and they would order things special for their customers, I miss them

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