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We bought a new washer and dryer and they weren't able to deliver it until the following week, which was fine because it was after a big sale weekend so we weren't surprised. We went back a couple days later and bought a stove. They said they couldnt deliver it the same day because the truck was full... which we said no problem. That being said, each time we were told that we would get a call on the delivery day morning letting us know a 2 hour window for the delivery to take place. Long story short:

The first delivery (washer and dryer) we NEVER received a delivery window... instead they called and let us know they were 20 minutes away. This was very annoying because everyone in the household works and no one was home, so I had to rush home from work to let them in... and thankfully they were late or, with our luck, they would have just left.

The second delivery we did receive a delivery window... between 2-4pm. My wife left work early and went to the house. Around 5pm she sent me a message asking if I had heard from Lowes because no one had shown up yet. I told her no and called the store to follow up. The manager I spoke with at the Kyle, TX location was indifferent and talking to them was useless. I got the truck drivers number who said they would be there by 6... TWO HOURS LATE. The best part? They didn't even show up by 6.

We expected more from Lowes in both their delivery process and in their customer service (or lack there of). Beware of their supposed delivery window... it'll cost you both time and money.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Home Delivery Service.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

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Stores should just quit delivering products and require that consumers arrange their own transportation for purchases. There are just too many things that can throw off a delivery schedule that are beyond the control of the store.

The biggest challenges are the consumers that aren't ready for their deliveries. For appliances the door openings may not be big enough. A path may need to be cleared through the house to get an appliance through. People waiting until their delivery is there to take the food out of their refrigerator.

And the list can go on and on. In a perfect world a store could give you an exact time your delivery would arrive but in the real world there are things beyond their control that cause delays.

Just think, have you ever been late to work or an event because of a traffic accident or congested roads? Not something you had planned on, but it just happens.