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My wife and I bought a dishwasher online from Lowe's of Westminster, 5600 West 88th Ave., Westminster, CO. When I called to set up a delivery at 10:15, I asked for Wendy and was told she was on lunch break.

I called back two more times over the next two hours and was again told she was at lunch. Finally, I was told she was on vacation. I was transferred to a gentleman to whom I complained about the Wendy confusion. He got mad at me, took my info, and said he'd call me back.

Another gentleman called me back and set up a delivery time for the following Monday between 8 and 12:30. I called over the weekend to confirm delivery time and was told by a confused lady that whatever the scheduled time was that's when the dishwasher would be delivered. She didn't seem to have access to the delivery info. At 11:15 Monday morning I got a call from the delivery team saying they would deliver between 12 and 2.

They apologized for the delivery time screw-up at the store but they would try to deliver by 12:30. They arrived at 12:30 but were unable to take away the old dishwasher because they couldn't touch it and they would return when we disinstalled the washer ourselves. No one during the entire purchasing and delivery time period mentioned that we would have to disinstall the washer ourselves and that the delivery team wouldn't do so.

No we have to disinstall it ouselves and call back to schedule another pickup time. Is this any way to run a business?

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I don't understand some people. Big Cry Babies.


A dishwasher is considered an installation, not a hookup. That's like expecting a delivery guy to hook up a gas dryer- not gonna happen.

If you call over the weekend, expect weekend service. Later today, why don't you try calling your bank about something important and see what happens- it's a Saturday after 5PM EST- they won't be there or the people who do the bulk of the work/know what's going on won't be there. Don't insist that businesses operate on your terms and then blame them. Do business at normal times and in normal ways and you'll find things go smoother.

They gave you a clear delivery time and you asked so many questions about it you screwed it up on your own by confusing everyone you could talk to about it.

Next time, instead of thinking this is 1950 and "wendy" is your buddy, tell the person who answers the phone that you need to set up a delivery. Problem solved.




In your complaint you say you bought the dishwasher online. I don't see anything online that mentions installation and removal of the dishwasher.

It does offer free delivery. You may have shopped in the store and seen signs mentioning installation but they also show a price for this service.

Why would you assume they would send a plumber to disconnect your dishwasher when you didn't pay for it. Don't blame Lowes for your assuming they were going to do something that you didn't order.