Sacramento, California

I ordered Online Lowes by last Thanksgiving a Bosch 800-Series dishwasher and paid almost $900 for that. About 3 weeks later on Dec 15, Lowes Citrus Height delivered an used and dirty dishwasher to my home. There is still much water, vapor, and even food inside the tub. Right after the delivery, my wife checked and saw that and called Lowes Customer Care to complain about this. It was an used, returned item; i.e. not a brand new one as we paid for.

Today Sat Dec 19, I returned the dishwasher to Lowes by Calvine Rd, Sacramento CA. Again lot of headaches with that store at the check in counter:

- They said it was a special order. That is why I have to live with that. My reply would be that I don't care about what order, as long as I paid a brand new one, I should receive a brand new one. With a similarly used Bosch dishwasher, people can have it with half of the price in SearsOutlet.

- They said I bought from Lowes Citrus Height, I should have to return to Citrus Height, not to Calvine Lowes. My reply would be I ordered by Lowes Online. Delivering the product from wherever belongs to Lowes, not myself. I even told them I called your store-Calvine before the return, and got confirmed that I could return to your store; i.e. not having to drive to another city-Citrus Height.

- They kept saying that I paid by cash in Citrus Height, so they need a receipt. My reply would be I bought Online and paid with my Lowes credit card; i.e. something wrong with their computer system.

Finally I asked to talk to their manager.

When the appliance manager came, I showed her the dirty part, the dishwasher door full of stains. I told her the tub was full of water and even food. Her reply would be that normal as they run water for testing. I just don't know how to say to her. She should have known that all tests should be done by the factory; i.e. not by the store. Any returned item (i.e. like from Macy's or Costco) needs to be marked "Returned". It is illegal to ship an used, possibly defective item to customers as brand new one while the advertisement as well as payment agreement are for a brand new product.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Advertisement.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

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