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Our rental house is being remodeled by our contractor. They work from 7am to 3pm.

We had free delivery from Lowes and no matter what they could not deliver in this time frame. No one lives there. they could only deliver between 6pm to 9pm. My wife and I can not drive over there and sit and wait for 3 hours for them.

We called them numerous times and they said that they could not help us. We are done with them and will never shop there again. Home Depot gives better service than lowes does. The items we bought were on sale at the time.

That is why we went there. It was the citrus heights store.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

Lowes Cons: Check cashing and delivery.

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It's free delivery! And they hook it up for you!


Good, shop at home depot, Lowes has enough customers that the world revolves around. Giving a time frame is harder than you think.

Problems do occur at customers homes. Example, two 29 cu fridges on the truck being delivered, at one customers house they may have a door that the fridge can roll right on in and the delivery won't take long to do and the same size fridge at another customers house the driver may have to take apart the fridge to get through the door and put it back together and hook it all up and take one out and tear that one down also which could take three times as long as the last stop with the same size fridge. Trucks may have 13 stops/deliveries that day but yet some of you want a time because you don't have time to wait around for Lowes. Stop and think about how hard that driver is working to service all those customers on that day.

But yet him and the delivery department get *** on and some call customer care.

keep in mind. You are not the only customer they have to service that day, Be gratefull and patient or else go get it your self


I have had numerous dealings with Lowes over the years and the deliveries are scheduled at time of purchase. So when you purchased it a screen pops up with next day morning afternoon or evening delivery times and if on the next day all the morning of afternoon slots are full by other customers then you get whats left for that day or the next days schedule appears.and then it is likely that a morning time frame would be there as well.If your plumber was scheduled to be there then shame on you for scheduling him before the materials were on the job site but your plumber would have probably stopped by lowes and picked it up on the way there.

Or you could have used Lowes installation and in which case their installers would have worked it out with delivery or carried it to the job themselves. When I had mine installed it was about half the price of an outside contractor anyway


quit your crying! Do you think that the drivers can predict what is going to happen during their day?

NO! Go and pick up your ***, that would solve your problem.


I would expect they already had the day time deliveries booked by customers who had bought before you. A truck can only make so many deliveries in a day.

Did you expect them to bump somebody who scheduled a delivery before you just to make you happy?

Sure wouldn't be fair to the other customer. They did the right thing.