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The journey started with Lowe's about January. We went in the store looking to purchase cabinets. We were told that Custom Cabinets would take several months, and was advised to go with in stock they would take about two weeks; so we decided to just go with the in-stock cabinets. We paid for the measurements and it took about a month before the measurement guy came out. Then trying to get the cabinet set up we had to switch to another representative because the one that was in the store didn't know what he was doing. We visited the store several times and trying to get everything squared away so about 2 months later we finally was able to get things kind of setup. At this point we contacted corporate office of Lowe's to assist since the customer service was deplorable.

We went through so much in 3-months that corporate made the manager give us a discount, however when we came in we didn't have the cost of installation established by the in store representative, so yet again another week went by before this could get done. Finally got everything going but then the cabinets had several delays and delivery with JB Hunt which caused us to be off work several different times. Finally when the cabinets were delivered, we open the packages and out of 12 cabinets ordered 10 were damaged. We contacted the corporate person in charge (Cindy) and informed them and sent pictures showing the damages and at this point in time the lady Cindy considered herself getting personally involved and upset with us in the whole process of trying to get things resolved (imagine that. We are the customers) that her solution was to just cancel the project because she felt we was being to difficult and hard to pleased. Are we supposed to accept damage cabinets and bad customer service?

Now this time I'll kitchen is totally demolished and to cancel the project I told her that was not an option so I had to escalate to higher authorities in Lowe's management which took over two weeks with no return called on three escalation to get it resolved through Lowe's management. I told Claire that Lowe's need to live up to their obligation and get our project done because as of right now to have us and our kids with no kitchen no cabinets no sink no nothing it just bare and we have been eating out everyday incurring more expenses than we anticipated. Remind you that this process supposed to had only took two weeks and we are now on the 5th month.

I'm very disappointed with Lowe's with this whole process and it's just not right for this to have taken place this way and to spend all these expenditures and still not have cabinets installed and for Lowe's to decide that they are going to cancel the project as a solution is unacceptable. So let's hope that the corporate office and resolve this issue and get our cabinets installed within next week. Corporate office told me they opened the file back up and have escalated above the department that canceled the project and left us in the awkward position. They told me there's nothing they can do but re-order the new cabinets but that's it. They are not installing them because it's cancelled and management refunded my money against my will. This company is a joke and don't care about people livelihood. I'm contacting the news.

Product or Service Mentioned: Cabinet.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

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It should have been pretty obvious when it took 2 months to even "kind of" get an order for stock cabinets set up that you should have walked away and gone elsewhere. You could have gone to a local cabinet shop and had custom cabinets built and installed for a similar price in a fraction of the time you spent with lowes. Why didn't you pay attention to the warning signs that problems were ahead and run from Lowes?

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