Livingston, Texas

I am a Viet Nam vet. I was denyed a military discount.

I showed all types of ID and was told you no longer practiced it. Either give to me or tell me how to get it or I will no longer shop at LOWES. I have spent 10,000 of dollars with this store . If you do not consider me a valueable cgrgkomer I will also view my oppinion in the local paper.

I tolerate the lack of employee service because there are not enough to go around. It is discussed by every one in the community.Michael Wells

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military discounts are for people who are currently in the military. you are not.

therefore, you are not entitled to the military discount. get over it.

Fat Mart cart rider

Ok ***. Military discounts first of all are for personal use only.

Not for your business to make money off of your Gimp***. Second of all noone cares how much money you have spent in any store you are no better than the person who spent $1 in my store all year. Stop using how much money u say you spent as an excuse to get better treatment.

3rd, if u want a 10% discount come work at Lowes. We have to work for it , u don't do ***

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