Ypsilanti, Michigan

I was a contractor for 16 years with Lowe's and just let go. They say due to change.

They always said we were a team. We had 100% score, we were never in repair book, and we went out of are way to do what they needed. All store employees knew who to go to with a problem. They say they are going with one company to do 7 to 10 stores and us with good reputation were not asked if we could handle it.

Just a phone call to say 30 days and your done. No thanks for the 16 years we busted are butts. We had many return customers who requested my company.

I had trust in Lowes but not any more. So beware sub contractors!

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Same thing happened to us in Columbia, mo. We were a 95% - 98% rating for 13 yrs.

we were the go to company for any problems for multiple stores. Got a call one day, they said 60 days but we were off the rotation the very next day. The Installed sales teams were not happy about it but the person that called me could care less of our dedication. No thank you for your service or anything.

They were about 80% of our business. Have lost all my help since.


The ones like us who have been with them for 13-14 years have built and put Lowes where they are today but as you already know they don't see it that way. We haven't seen a raise in over 5 years, in fact many costs have been past on to us, and I'm sure we won't for some time if ever.

What I don't understand is that they can't be that *** to think a big company will do as good of a job as what a smaller one will. No one cares about your company like you do so there they don't care as much about the finished service.

I have saved all my installs for all the years and believe me I will make the calls if needed. If the customer only knew what Lowes was really like they would most def shop somewhere else.


My company was in its 17th year. I got a call at 7:30 in the morning informing me they were terminating our contract.

There used to be some loyalty when installs were handled at the store level. The last few years they have gone to a centralized 'CPO" method. Supposedly the cpo is to manage projects once they are sold by the store specialist. But they don't seem to have a handle on where the materials are or when they will arrive.

They have to check with the store about shipments , and replacement materials.

We have several gold and silver awards on my office wall. And a folder full of testimonial letters.


You are just a number to these Big Box stores yours was16 mine was 5 lol call all your past installs they are loyal to you not Lowes I can't handle all the work and no split to themlol