Back in march of 2004 I purchased a whirlpool hot water heater from you and in march of 2006 that hot water heater started leaking and the thermal couple had to be replace so I got a new hot water heater at no charge replace by your store but the installer insisted that I needed a valve installed which aia had to pay over $200 for.In june 5th 2008 thethermal couple went out on this hot water heater, I started calling the store the evening of the 5th going through several people during the day of the 6th getting no help finally late evening of the 6th I was told by the assistant manager a machanic would be out on the 7th which they got there about 10:00 am look at the heater and told me they could not work on the heater because of the manufactur's had their own mechanics to work on the heaters and left. I call the manufactur right away explain the situation the told me they didn't have techs.

to work on the heater but they could reconmend someone but they would have no control over them meanwhile they would send me a thermal couple kit but it would be up to me to find someone to installed it.

The bottom line is I got the kit june 10th 2008 found some to install it june 14th for $219 and I am not happy.

In 4 years I have spent out the cost of a new hot water heater.

I will never purchase another hot water heater heater again from your store again.

Monetary Loss: $450.

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I'm sorry you think that Lowes manufactured the water heater, that Lowes knowingly put in bad parts, that Lowes then sold it to you to make your life miserable, but they did not. You got hold of a bad water heater that only Whirlpool can rectify.

Yes, we can work with you along with the manufacturer, in this case American Water heater, who manufactures these units for Whirlpool, but to blame Lowes, or any other retailer, be it Home Depot, Menards, or anyone else is ridiculous! That is akin to saying that because your child failed a grade in school, you are pulling him out and never sending him there again! Again, you need to direct your displeasure @ Whirlpool through their customer service reps, and yes, Lowes will work with you on that if given the chance, but ultimately, it is in Whirlpool's hands.

We face the same stumbling blocks you do, when we call those same manufacturer 800 customer numbers, none of us @ ANY retailer have a "magic" number to call that all of you customers seem to think we have when these issues arise. We have the SAME numbers to call that you do, and I know i speak for the vast majority of my fellow sales associates when I say we do try to make things right even when you think we don't, that's why I'm now on this site.

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