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went to return a skill table saw i had used less than 4 hours of running time the same blade that came with the saw was on it they could not find a item number on it the only way they said to get refunded was to call my credit card company and see if they had a record of me buying it and then bring a copy to show them. well just so lowes knows i am a building contractor and i have bought almost all my tools from your store and i will never buy another tool again.

Monetary Loss: $119.

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Dunedin, Florida, United States #756622

Yup, you finally got whats coming to you. You actually used a power tool and then expected what, they take it back at full cost and then just put it back on the shelf for someone else to have to buy or just eat the difference, give me a break.

A contractor, and you make money from this product, I would think you would be more considerate of your vendors.

Part of whats wrong in America, my friend. :roll

Columbus, Ohio, United States #663237

Haha! Lowes has never given me trouble with returns even without a receipt.

I do know they will limit receipt-less returns per customer. I wouldn't hire a building contractor that used a $119 table saw.

Solon, Iowa, United States #348594

I agree with Cantfixstupid. You have brass balls to use it for 4 hours and the try to return your purchase for a full refund.

Did your weekend side job get completed? "Sure sounds like it did."



I opened something I bought an didn't return it after using it.

what am i missing here did i do sumpin wrong?


are you one of those so called contractors, you know, you have a truck with a ladder rack? I am sure a company like Lowes can only afford to buy your tools for awhile!!


I used to buy stuff at Lowe's until they denied my return recently. I did like to use item and return but I also previously have been turned away at Home Depot.

I days of buy use and return are done my friend.

It seems to me these stores have grown a backbone. My free rental time is done :cry

Awka, Anambra, Nigeria #312706

I'll bet they are glad YOU won't be buying any more tools from them. What store wants to sell tools that will only be returned when the job is done? Jerks like you only raise the costs of products for the rest of us.


Really! When did lowes become a free rental company.

I USED it 4 hours finished my project.

Didn't need anymore and tried to get my money back. Give me a break.

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