I called the store to order materials for a roofing job. It took me three calls and speaking to the manager to talk with someone in commercial sells.

Next, I get a complete *** that attempts to handle my request. Well, I am not sure how much attempt he made because he seemed to totally ignore my end of the conversation. In my opinion he wanted to make the sell and get off the phone. I had to call customer service after getting off the phone with him to get information I should have been able to get with him.

He basically cut me off after he had the order entered into the computer and hung up on me as I was trying to ask him something. I was so angry. I called back because I wanted to have the order verified. I spoke with a store customer service representative because I did not want to speak with Roy again.

She was not much help either, but at least she was nice and called me Baby at the end of our conversation. I tried to call and complain, but I got the run around and ended up speaking to all the wrong extensions. In conclusion, I am not confident I will recieve the correct materials even if the order was entered right by Roy.

I may call back and cancel the order and call Home Depot. What a waste of time on my day off.

Monetary Loss: $1890.

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Don't you dare talk about Roy like that! That man is the salt of the Earth. The fact that anyone can speak ill of a quadriplegic that gets up and goes to work every day in spite of his condition makes me sick!

Awka, Anambra, Nigeria #147034

Sounds like you are the type of person who wants to take a couple of hours to complete a transaction that should only take 10 minutes. You are not the only person needing help at a busy time of the year. Quit being such a pain in the butt.

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