Suffolk, Virginia
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I went to Lowe's in Emporia three times to buy roofing shigles for my house in a two week period. No manager or saleperson said anything about the tax break card, if you send over $500.00 dollar until I made my last purchase for the shigles at the end. I bought $800.00 dollars of shigles first, then when back and bought $300.00 dollars , and last I bought the third time $85.00 dollars of shingles and the sales told me there was a tax break card you could have put the money on and got 10% back.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Manager.

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All you have to do is go in with all your receipts have them refund/rebill onto the tax credit card. Im 99% percent sure that they will do that for you, how ever they do have this card advertised on tv, in ads and they have a display right by the front entrance. U have to look at this way the average store has 500 customers per day, is it really reasonable to ask every single to purchase the tax credit gift card?


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