Brunswick, Georgia
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Purchased brand new frig from Lowes a couple of days later freezer door warped. Called Lowes, got shuffled to just replace door, knowing I had 30 days to have a "new" replacement. Took calling corporate to get get new one (supposedly). New one arrived 61/2-7

hrs. after scheduled delivery&brought one that was dented up! That one had to be taken back& another to be rescheduled for delivery again. How many times does this take to get right? I did not go to a scratch&dent sale at that store when I didnt pay for scratch&dent merchandise.

hrs. after scheduled time, new one door

DENTED! Lowes had to take that one back! Delivery guy was OVERLY RUDE, after Lowes informed him of the problem, he walked into my kitchen demanding to know what was wrong with the one I had now!

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Replacement.

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Your freezer door warped? Was it 2000 degrees in your kitchen?

The delivery guy was pissed because he had to lug your *** fridge out of your house again, not at you personally.

People forget places like Lowe's aren't manufacturing appliances in the back room. They're just as pissed when they get a damaged one that they then have to sell at a loss.