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I had been a Lowes customer and recently purchased a large number of stuff from Lowes (cash) ... I went to return a few items - requested Lowes associate to give me a store credit as I was going to buy some more stuff.

My return was declined. Called customer service return administrator only to learn that I will receive a call back within 2 business days (!????).

Could never receive a call from Lowes.

I will never go to Lowes again and have launched a campaign to alert as many people as I can about Lowes' return policy and stop going to Lowes to avoid hassel.

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Same thing happened to me today. The returns clerk scanned all the items I was returning.

I didn't have a receipt since it has never been a problem returning things I bought to many of which I do all the time so that if I'm on a job I make sure I buy anything that I might need so I don't have to make another trip to lowes. They scanned everything then my drivers license and then a receipt printed out that said I need a receipt for all of the items I was returning.

I guess I will be shopping at Home Depot or Menards from now on. I've spent to much money at lowes over the years to be treated like that.


Same exact thing happened to me!!!! Could not believe it. Will never go there again.


Same bs happened to me as well!! It becomes such an inconvience


Returns are easier at any store if you have your receipt to prove the product was PURCHASED from them.


Went to do a return at Lowe's today, 8-3-19. Have never once in my life return anything at Lowe's without a receipt an the first time I try an do so I'm blown off like being a customer was a privilege for me.

I'm sorry Lowe's I didn't plan on returning 19 sheets of 4x12 drywall an 5 quick set bags of mud. It says 90 days on returns the drywall is just passed 90s on the production stamp. I see other return stating they had multiple times of returning items without receipt an I'm denied my first time ever. I mean the gentleman in front of me at return desk had no receipt, yet they took his items.

This is ludacris now I'm having to transport the 19 sheets of drywall an unload again on my own. Lowe's as a business is terrible.


Went to Lowes in Baltimore to return item . I wanted the refund to be put back on card as I operate a business and wanted to keep track of my accounting.

They attempted refund me in cash with out asking first cash or card. This is the 2 time this happened with same clerk at Lowes in Glen Burnie Maryland.


Same thing. Was treated as a convict for returning Larsen door handle assembly which was not a complete door handle. I was pissed and am now closing Lowe’s card and will no longer do business with this kind of company!!!!


same thing happened to me. It was still in the original package. the associate said it was in their system but stated must have receipt to accept return.


They declined my return at Lowes today 07/08/18. they said to many return. The poin is if you are a construction worker that buy not only for you but for clients it became a problem.


Lowe’s Return policy is pretty straight forward. Your comment is not helpful because you don’t list the items.For example, Lowe’s does not return toilets if they have been installed, that is store policy.The return policy is absolutely hassle free if you have items that fall within the 90 day return policy (30 days on major appliances, etc.)


If. you pay with your debit card at Lowes and you want to spend the money right away in the store they turn it in as a non-receded return I guess because I spent $1300 at lows and it was on my debit card he told me it would immediately be back on my card five days later it showed back up on my card so the next time I had a return exchange I told them I don't want it back on my card because it took a week you told me it would be immediately so they run them as a non-receded return in order for you to get a store credit gift card thing so don't go to Lowe's use the debit card and expect to get your $1300 back right away because Ithey do it as a non-receipt and return. I call customer service now three times as they say that you need to I've never got got a call back and we recently just ordered a $3500 fridge from then and I can't even get the handles to my fridge


Once an associate enters your drivers license number a certain amount of times, as required by making a return without a receipt, you will be denied your return. It is Lowes' way of trying to not lose money on theft.

This is why you should try to have your receipt, even if you made those purchases.

Also, if you had remembered the date when you bought those items they could have looked up your receipt with the item numbers.


Why didn't you have your receipt? Did you give your phone number at checkout for they could pull it up in case you do a return?

Did you use your MyLowe's card, which would also let them pull up your receipt?

This situation can easily be avoided.

If you have done three (I think) no receipt returns within the last year, then they won't let you do it anymore. Not their fault you can't hold on to your receipt or use one of the many methods they offer for receipt retrieval.


Most cashier's just enter a bogus number whenever I'm buying something at Lowe's. I never knew it would affect me because of their laziness