I had been a Lowes customer and recently purchased a large number of stuff from Lowes (cash) ... I went to return a few items - requested Lowes associate to give me a store credit as I was going to buy some more stuff.

My return was declined. Called customer service return administrator only to learn that I will receive a call back within 2 business days (!????).

Could never receive a call from Lowes.

I will never go to Lowes again and have launched a campaign to alert as many people as I can about Lowes' return policy and stop going to Lowes to avoid hassel.

Location: New York, New York

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I was thinking of using Lowes for a Window replacement but what I see here have re thought, thanks for your post.


Same here


Home Depot will take things back if returned in orginal packaging up to 90 days.


I got a $700 generator for Christmas. I have no use for it.

I took it back with the receipt but it had been 36 days since purchase. They said they opened the box to ensure the generator was in the sealed box, then declined the return and wouldn’t even give a store credit. Customer Service said that they backed the decision at the store because it had been over 30 days.

I will not spend another dollar at Lowe’s. Home Depot has always been better anyways.


Maybe there was a reason Condition of the item, outside of return timeframe...


Same thing happened to me. Im a contractor and I spend thousands of dollars at lowes every year.

I go in to return a shop vac that's never been opened and they treat me like a criminal, giving me no explanation why they won't return it. It's offensive, I've never stolen an effin thing from lowes in my life. I'm so offended that I'm done with lowes.

I'll drive past 2 lowes to get to a home depot or menards. Lowes blows!!!


I'm with you after shopping at Lowes for years, Home Depot is my Store.


Same thing happened to me. I was told not one item ( paint roller, paint scrapper) was returnable.

Wow. I have never returned anything...


Lowes sucks home depot I never have a problem


I don't understand why Lowes has any Customers..


I've been a Lowe's customer for over 25 years and was treated like a criminal it was so embarrassing! I tried to reason with the girl asked.what was I to do with the material I purchase that I didn't need to complete the job she told me we've been to nice to people and people took advantage of our good nature?

What kind of Bs is that good nature it's the policy you've had in place and you decide to change it and don't tell anyone until they try to return somthing?

Real customer service Lowe's could care less about customer service and doesn't know what it means to treat a customer with some dignity . I hope the young lady with her attitude doesn't need her job because Lowe's won't be around much longer treating people this way I will not purchase another piece a material at Lowe's ever again I'm done!!!


Had Lowes install siding, what a misstake, the sales person became the project manager. She knew nothing about construction.

Contractor didn't speak English. Finally got the Zone Install Manager out, he had been an Interior Decorator.

I made the Mistake that Lowes would surely do a good job, Wrong. Worst Contractor experience ever.


Same thing happened to me I have a commercial account and a private account I purchase tons of materials between my business and home projects I never had a problem returning anything without a receipt until now ! No one contacted me of the " new" policy now Lowe's won't even give store credit which I was purchasing more materials it was totally embarrassing, does that make any sense !

I have been a loyal customer for over 20 years until now !

I opened a Home Depot account today and that's where I'll be purchasing my materials from now on at least they know what respecting a customer means ! I hope the CEO knows what he's doing but I highly doubt it ?


Same issue ,bought a defective part tried to return it they said no due to covid,what a load of crap the item was handled many times before it even got to their own shelf to begin with,think they are just hoping people forget about it and rake in the money;Done with Lowes


I’ve spent thousands of dollars at lowes just this year. I have always been able to return items for five or more months later without any problems long as I had my card that I used to purchase them, without a receipt or with a receipt.

At the beginning of this year apparently they enforced the policy to be more strict .they can do what they want. But for a home improvement warehouse to only allow 90 days just doesn’t make sense. The average honey do list doesn’t get done in 90 days as we would like. I understand there may be a fraud problem.

But at least allow people with proof of purchase as a credit card or a receipt a period of longer than 90 days. If you don’t have your receipt then allow a store credit for maximum of three times a year and maybe $300 a year To cut down on fraud. Or something like that. Be reasonable ..Home Depot will be getting all my business now.

It’s just not worth the stress of having to be sure I get all my projects done in 90 days.

I sometimes renovate houses and it takes 5 to 6 months sometimes you just keep your supplies until you’re sure you don’t need them anymore It always worked out great I would return the stuff at the end and as long as they had it on the shelves and I had my credit card proof never had a problem. Well things have definitely changed.


I purchased a shower fixture with valve and never opened it since I bought it and still had the receipt and it’s been over 90 days and the same exact item is on their shelf. I asked the manager that I will take a store credit since it’s been over 90 days and it was denied.

I was very disappointed and they have *** policy and customer service! Home Depot never gave me a hassle on thing like this.


I had same issues will not buy from there ever again


Same thing happened to me today. The returns clerk scanned all the items I was returning.

I didn't have a receipt since it has never been a problem returning things I bought to many of which I do all the time so that if I'm on a job I make sure I buy anything that I might need so I don't have to make another trip to lowes. They scanned everything then my drivers license and then a receipt printed out that said I need a receipt for all of the items I was returning.

I guess I will be shopping at Home Depot or Menards from now on. I've spent to much money at lowes over the years to be treated like that.


Same exact thing happened to me!!!! Could not believe it. Will never go there again.


Same bs happened to me as well!! It becomes such an inconvience

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