Lithonia, Georgia

i was in need of 520 pc of an discontuined item that required that i travel to five different stores to acquire the disired number of piece. the first store was very helpful atl downtown they didnt have enough so the associated located the balance at other stores next was camp creek no problem i got what they had and they matched the price at the first store, next was lithonia the store that had the least they refused to match the price of the other two stores they said they dont price match with other lowes even if the item is discotinued .

so i left over five hundred in merchandise for less than 30 dollars in price difference the tile is 148 but 118 every where else they only had 95 pieces. so i left every thing at the service desk and on to store number four purchased 140 pc at stockbrige then the balance at mcdononna store four out of five stores had the same price and was very helpful in locating what they did have.

I am a contractor and lowes is my store but before i go there again i drive the extra miles to another store or even go to homedepot first and i hate homedepot. but for less than 30 cent a tile you lost a customer at that store sincerly kenneth browne

Monetary Loss: $30.

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Walnut Creek, California, United States #684623

I can't wait to see your next post blaming Lowes for the tiles looking different because they are not from the same lot.


Sounds to me like 4 out of the 5 stores went against policy and 1 store decided they will follow policy and told you NO. You should feel fortunate all those other stores gave you a break that you shouldn't have gotten.

You're just angry because they told you no. Lots of small minded people can't accept no for an answer. I work for a competitor of Lowes and we have all sorts of policies that either people don't know about or choose to ignore. For example 2 years ago it became a policy store wide that we do not hold items for guest, however, depending on who you talk to they will probably hold the item for you.

I ALWAYS TELL PEOPLE NO I WILL NOT HOLD IT FOR YOU IT IS AGAINST STORE POLICY AND they will go other "Menards employees have held stuff for us." The reason this policy was put into place is because employee would hold items for people who would never show up and we would lose sales because the item was not on the shelf. This is just one example of a policy in the type of environment that is similar to Lowes. I have many other examples of policies that go ignored by most and followed by some. The problem is not Lowes, the problem is people in general.

It's a common problem in American, they choose to ignore minor rules to make their life more easy. In this situation the easy thing to do was just say YES TO YOU instead of dealing with a hot head who probably has an attitude problem.

to Heartless #693789

Too bad you didn't fess up and print your name along with your customer service rant. I'll bet your boss knows who you are by your wording and your expression thought :)


There is no reason they should have to take a markdown in price from what is in their system. If one store decides to give you a deal be grateful you got a break there.

Stores are in business to make a profit.

Just because you got an employee in one store that doesn't understand that doesn't mean that the other stores need to give you the same deal. If they feel they can move the product without discounting it they are entitled to the profit they have coming to them.

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